Friday, June 24, 2011

Back at Camp Pt 3 of Camping trip

Saturday once we got back to the camp site from the nature center everyone was kinda just relaxing and drinking and chit chatting. It was still very hot out!
 Once again..we really had the most awesome view of the lake.
 The kids were having a blast playing in the kiddie pool...eventually Gabe took the 3 older boys over to the BIG swimming pool
 No idea why I took a picture of this...
 or this...I like how everyone is hanging out with their beers looking at the lake though
 Ava waking up from her nap
 Michael and Toni just basking in the lake breeze and sunshine
 This was their view..very peaceful
 more random photos..
 a heated game of ladder golf between Lane and Josh
 It was my turn to cook dinner and I made chili of course...Jesse helped me too..he was cooking my meat for me..funny too since he is a vegetarian.
 Time for Chili..just in time for the lovely got cold quickly
Time to close the evening with some more hanging around the camp fire and sharing our answers to Josh's question...What is the scariest movie you have ever seen??

I think the Shining won...


Thelma said...

So awesome! A nice family trip awesome! Although thee scariest movie for me has to be The Exorcist and then Amittyville!

Iris said...

yes!!! I said Amittyville was my scariest..It was close tie for Exorcist and Shinning

lovelybones said...

hey i helpd with the chili too lol :P not really tho i just chopped stuff and opened cans hahahaha

Iris said...

Oh yeah You did!!