Friday, June 24, 2011

Chopping Wood and Cookin Stew pt 1

Last weekend was our annual family camping trip and boy what a fun time it just went by so quickly though..I guess it's true what they say..Time flys when your having fun!

 We arrived at the campsite about 2:30 close to 3. Our friends Guillermo and Mary and their 2 children stayed the night at our place Thursday night and we all caravan up to Lake Cachuma. When we arrived my brother,Jess and Scott and Toni and my cousin Amber and Rick and their 2 children were already there. After we arrived the rest of the group started to show up too. Friday the day consisted of mainly setting up our camp spots and tents and food, and getting familiar with our surroundings.  We had a great look out over the Lake but there were some really steep cliffs that had me very nervous the whole weekend. Gabe and I and Mary and Guillermo took a little walk over to the boat launches. The kids had fun checking out some fish in the water.
 Josh brought some big pieces of wood so before the night fall all the men were chopping away. Here is Gabe taking a stab at it.
 There was this little pop up train that Evie brought..all the kids were having so much fun going inside it and making it drive around the was so cute to see nothing but this big ol train moving around and 8 tiny feet on the bottom moving it around..we were all cracking up
 Guillermo taking his turn chopping wood
 It was so funny when G took off his shirt to put some more power into chopping wood his Son yells out DAD Take off your pants hahahahaha

 Fridays dinner was a big seafood boil. Josh was working on that food. There was TONS of it. It had shrimp,clams,crab,potatoes,onions,garlic,corn..and lots more
 The guys manning the stew..Angelina (my cousin Candice daughter) was very helpful to everyone
 We got the fire lit and all lined up when the Soup was on and man was it delicious! I think I had like 3-4 bowls of it..everyone just stepped right up ..felt like a soup kitchen
 LOL My brother did not have a bowl so he got the big empty can from the chicken broth and ate his stew out of the can..all weekend we were calling it Alex's Hobo Can
The night was a short one..we all bundled up and sat around the fire while the kids made smore's and the adults drank beer and shared stories. It was very relaxing.
Parker had his own tent he slept in and was great...Ava on the other hand cried almost the whole night..she was FREAKING out being in the tent which is weird cause she has been camping before twice and always did fine. The only way we could get her to fall asleep was to sleep with the tent door OPEN. Luckily it was a warm night but I was scared that some critter was going to come in the tent with us so I was on edge the whole night. I think she finally went to sleep at 2:30 and then we could finally close the tent..Rough night! Thankfully she did good the rest of the days.


lovelybones said...

bwahahahahahah hobo can that shit was funny

Thelma said...

Poor Ava, she's becoming more aware of her surroundings it seems like. Good thing it was just that night. whew!