Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bye Cachuma and Wildlife~ FIN

 So Monday came quickly and was the end of our camping trip. We all got up around 8-ish and started packing up and cleaning. The wildlife invaded our camp over night and got into my ice chest and broke a bunch of eggs everywhere and our garbagee was all torn open..yeah..they did not want to make it easy on us that is for sure.
 First thing was first..everyone tried to use up all their breakfast foods so no one would have to take them back home so out came alllll the eggs and cheese. Mary made a pretty good breakfast that everyone enjoyed!
 While packing up I kept hear these funny bird noises..I was thinking What the heck kind of bird is that and I looked over at the field next to us and there was this very adorable husband and wife Quail pair. Here is the male.
 The both just started running down the road...they were too cute.
 Then the squirrels were out begging. I had a bag of peanuts and one was climbing on my lap and trying to steal my peanuts from me..he was super cute.
 There was one field by us where there was a TON of baby squirrels. They were all frolicking around and when I went to get a closer look they all scrambled in their holes. At one moment out of one hole I saw like 5 little squirrel heads poking out. I put a mango by their hole to see if any of them would pop their head out. This little guy and there was another one too were curious...Gabe said they looked like Whack A mole cause you would see squirrel heads popping out of different nearby holes.
When we were getting in the car this guys was hanging by the window. I didn't realize Ava was throwing goodies at him out the window.
Well that concludes our annual camping trip. I already can't wait!
We may do a end of summer camping trip though in San Diego I think near Julian...we were discussing it with Guillermo and Mary..I am always down for camping! Just one mental note...(fix Slow leak from Air Mattress) OUCH!

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Thelma said...

That is crazy how the animals get so close! That's neat that you got to see some Quail, they are really pretty birds.