Thursday, September 6, 2012

Raging Summer Saturday

This past weekend was the last weekend of Summer Break for el kiddos as promised ( yes better late than never) we took Parker to the Water Park. Something he has been DYING to do all summer break long.
We all jumped in the car and were off to San Dimas.
I had so MANY wonderful photo ops but I did not take any pictures until we were leaving. I just did not want to risk my camera getting Lost or Wet or WET!!
The first things we did was the Lazy River. Ava had a blast in that...well she had a blast the whole day. Her favorite was the wave pool though. I think we are going to have a surfer girl on our hands or definitely a swimmer. This kid LOVES the water and is a natural and already swimming on her own (with water rings of course and a watchful eye). The wave pool was pretty crazy and she kept walking out deeper and deeper with no fear. Waves were going over her head and submerging her and she just kept walking...good thing she is really good at holding her breath underwater.
Parker went on Drop Out (the scariest slide) in the whole park. It basically just drops you straight down...I don't think Parker realized what he was getting himself into but it ruined him for the whole day. He did not want to go on any slides really the rest of the day.
We all also went on Thunder rapids which is a Big rapid inter tube that all of us could sit in...that thing was pretty wild. It seriously felt like we were gonna get thrown off.
Several water rides, water wedgies and sunburn it was now twilight and time to go home.
 We had some Capri suns in my beach bag. We were all THIRSTY and HUNGRY.
 Bummed...I did not go on this one...just not enough time in the day
 My brother  and Titans Fury in the background ( which broke down so we could not go on it)
 The guys ..and Ava....LOL Parkers water shoes got WORKED. His toes were hanging out at the end of the day.
 Ava and I hanging by the surfboard
 On the tram back to the parking lot
 Look how quick the light gets within minutes..

Let's just say we were WIPED OUT by the time we got home.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Princess Party

Last weekend Ava went to Marissa's 4th Rupunzel Birthday party at El Dorado park.
Super cute Pinata !
 Rupunzel was there singing songs and playing games with the kids

 She even had a boombox of princess songs and did arts and crafts

 She also did Face painting

 Ava's Purple Lady Bug Tat!

 Singing Happy Birthday
 Birthday girl!
 Parker got a tat too hahaha get it

 Before we left we walked over to the train and put Parker and Ava on it

They had a grrrreat time!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ava's 4th Disney Dance Party

We did not throw a birthday party for Ava this year. We thought when she turns 5 next year that is when we will have another special milestone celebration for her with a group of friends. This year we decided to take her just Disney California Adventure for a little bit.
 Her morning started off by getting out of bed to find a living room table full of presents and balloons
Of course she wanted to start opening her presents up right away
Every time she would open one she would say OH WOW!! THANK YOU!! I have some pretty funny video of it. She got a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff ...SHE LOVES Minnie Mouse! She also Loves Mickey Mouse is her Favorite show! After presents Gabe made us Mickey Mouse Pancakes than it was off to the park.
 We always park at the Toy Story lot when we go to Disneyland. On the shuttle everyone sang Happy Birthday to I really wish I would have video taped that..the look on her face was priceless!
 As soon as we got in we got her a very special Birthday Button to wear. She is so funny too...she could not leave the house with out her clutch and wanted to wear her new Minnie Mouse Heels. She actually wore them all day too!
 After a few rides we took her for a Birthday Banana Split at Ghiradelli!

 Parker Had the Chocolate Shake
 Then we did MORE rides until it was time for "her" Dance Party

 We also did the Bug's Life movie
 Ava Actually wore her 3D glasses for the first time and watched the movie which FREAKED her out on some scenes...she was on my lap and hiding her face in my shoulders..just for a couple parts and than she was laughing and enjoying the show..afterwards she said WOW That was FUN...but when I asked her want to see it again she swiftly responded a firm NO!
 Afterwards we headed to the Disney Dance Party Where Ava danced and danced with several Disney is basically a dance club for kids...she was in PURE heaven..

 We told her it was her Birthday Dance Party!

I could tell after a while she was ready for a nap and Gabe had to go to work anyway so off home we went. Where I made her a special dinner and we watched tv and called it a early night since the park worn us out. All in All a fun day for her and Us!
A couple days later my gal friend Thelma and Toni came over for some wine and surprised Ava by coming in with a lit ice cream birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday to her. She was so surprised and excited. Thelma also brought her a pretty nice gift bag full of adorable clothes! That cake too by the way was pretty damn delicious!