Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A celebration for Ava

Ava's birthday was August 21st and she turned the almighty 3!
The past 2 years we threw her a good size birthday party but since this year her birthday happened to fall during our trip to San Diego for Tiki Oasis we just did a small little party with family.
( These photos are NOT in order by the way)

Even though she did not have very may guests she still made out with some great presents
She was so happy for us all to sing Happy Birthday to her she sat in her chair singing it to herself as well with all of us.
Parker got her 2 more dinosaurs for her collection of dinosaur stuffed animals
This was a awesome Cookies and Cream ice cream cake from baskin robbins..tasty but man are those suckers pricey!
Ava could not WAIT for cake!
There was no other little kids to share in Ava's excitement..well except for Parker and James ..so we got some of Ava's favorite stuffed animals and put party hats on them and had them watch her ..she loved it!!
My mom bought her a bunch of clothes and got her some of those Sketcher Twinkle toe shoes...Ava kept stomping around making the led lights go off on her shoes...she LOVES these shoes! We bought them bigger too so she gets a lot of use outta them.
After she blew out her candle
Sitting with her friends
Her singing along to Happy Birthday
she just loved all her balloons and her party blower horn thing.
Other presents she received besides 8 outfits from my mom and twinkle toe shoes..a poodle purse she has been wanting, a few Disney figurine play sets (toy story and Alice in Wonderland) from the Disney Store, A pair of suede purple organic shoes, more clothes, a stuffed animal webkins cat, stuffed animal dinosaurs, a carry along Doll house for La La Loopsy and a 8 piece box set full of different La La Loopsy's for her doll house..These dolls are WAY to darn cute too. Looks like she is going to want ALL of them now.
Having a GREAT time
I really think though her favorite thing to play with...was ALL the balloons we blew up for her. You know how kids always want to have just a mass amount of balloons to hold..well we let her enjoy that for her birthday..for not having a huge blow out party I think she really enjoyed this little celebration for her.
Next year though we will have parties for the kids. I am thinking that every OTHER year may work out better.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A few new rides...

When we were at Knott's a couple weekends ago Ava discovered her new favorite ride.
It is the snoopy Mail drop ride..what it does is lift you up in the air and then drops you and bounces back up. as you can see below her face of pure enjoyment.

 I kept yelling out to her HOLD ON AVA HOLD ON!!!!!
 She also go to go on with Parker on the little race cars..she was never tall enough before.
 Parker had so much fun taking her on rides.
 We put her on the huf n puf too and were a little iffy to cause we did not expect er to know how to use it..she knew right away what to do!
 We also finally got to go on the stage coach which we never do. Ava always sees them going bye and screams and points our horsey horsey so off we went and luckily we got prime seating right behind the drivers on the front top! It was a little thrilling.
 off we go..I kinda felt like  was gonna fall off..it was so much fun.
LOL Ava was mesmorized by the whole experience..it was great going to Knott's and checking out new rides we don't normally do.
I can't wait to take the kids trick o treating at camp snoopy in October!! I think I am going to try and take them to the trick o treat night at Disneyland as well this year.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portillo's Hot Dogs

Gabe and I found a new spot to eat before heading into Knott's from now on. It is Portillo's Hot Dogs! Portillo's is a food chain in Chicago and now they have brought two Portillo's to California. There is also one other in Indiana.
I am so happy that one is not so far from us either.

 I love their bags all their food comes in.
 I of course HAD to indulge myself in the Chicago dog..( LOVE CHICAGO DOGS)
 and a Ice cold schooner of beer (only 3.50)...
 Gabe got the beef and sweet pepper sandwich with a side of Au Jus..and a beer as well...Gabe said it was the best sandwich ever. We got the kids a couple of burgers and some root beers.
 They had all kinds of stuff to look at in the rafters and walls
 It was really packed inside..

Ahh yes Portillo's...can't wait to drop by there for lunch again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ye ol Steak Corral!!

Anyone knows that I am a huge lover of Old Timey stuff..mainly mid century era and I just have a HUGE love for old pantry style coffe shop and restaurants. One place that was always on my list to go to dinner with the kids was the Steak Corral inWhittier..We finally made it.
 This place has been there I believe since the 50's...I could be mistaken..
 Cannot mistake the cowboy who lassoed a steak!
 The menu options...This place is WAY CHEAP..I mean it is not very famcy food but I still enjoyed it. I especailly love that they have a baked potatoe and steak topping bar..you can fine sour cream,chives,cheese,bacon bits for your potatos and grilled onions,sauteed mushrooms,BBQ sauce etc for your steak!
 Check out the old pie covers LOL so old school I love it
 Gabe and I sitting at the table while we wait for food.
 So many fun things for the kids to look at too...Love this saddle seat for the youngens
 Parker makes friends with the robber
 Covered wagon salad and drink bar
 Ava just loved her chicken tenders
 Salad served in steel bowls!
 I think this saddles / horsey seat made Ava very happy
 Pee pee break for Ava..check out this mirror...she was afraid of this bathroom..hmm maybe it is haunted
 Not too many people here
 This was the most dusty thing I have ever seen
 The kids ate some ice cream in a corner booth together.
 Then parker pushed Ava around on her horse
 Parker wanted to take pictures as well of all the deco..I have a TON of photos he took...maybe I should have him start a blog.
 More playtime
 Ok time to leave..I can't wait to go back
See ya soon Steak Corral...I think the kids just loved it too!