Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are we not men??

Friday Night Gabe took me to go see Devo. Devo is like my FAVE band to see perform Live. They are always so entertaining. I have seen them a handful of times and really looking forward to seeing them more in the future.
A few video shots below.

 Gabe and I met up with Holly and Aja prior at a bar across the street from the grove called Champs or something like that..I forget. We sat outside and had 2 rounds of drinks and a round of Shots of Patron..yeah that got us going for the show!
 We headed inside well behind the gates to the insane lines for the bars to get a drink before the concert started
 The went into Don't Shoot I'm a Man for openers..great show..everything is close up.
 These silver costumes freak me out a little
 rock it
 HAHAHA he was looking right at me
 So good
 Holly and Aja.
 Gabe..he said the chick next to him was hitting on him ..she told him he could rub her butt (A** technically) if he bought her a drink...hmmm OK
 Us gals..devo playing in the background
 Holly came across one of her old buds.
 I just love the videos they play behind them
 I moved up even closer to get some better photos.
 This was the 4th row back.

 When they played we are not men I had to call my brother and leave it on his message!
 We are Devo. After that song we went out to get another drink and got to talking to this guy. He asked us to come hang out at the VIP room but we told him we did not have passes..he told us to blend in with his group and we did and got to the Meet and Greet VIP area after the show.
 Where we got to hang with the band and the rest of the peeps. Mark was too crowded by mobs getting him to sign records and what not so we didn't bother with him...We did get to sneak in this quick pix with Jerry Casale though..founding member of Devo! He was really cool but soon was Mobbed by the crowds once Mark left the room.
Anyway it was getting late and we were ready to go..we didn't want to drink anymore and I had to be at Disneyland early the next day. Anyway here are our new friends we made that got us backstage..very cool guys..the tall one in the back reminded me of Vince Vaughn. They work for a a very successful branding business. Hopefully one day I can do some business with them as we discussed the majority of the evening.

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Thelma said...

DEVO! That's so cool they still perform!