Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mommy and daughter day at Disneyland

This past Saturday Ava and I had a Mommy and daughter double date with my friend Amy and her daughter Cambria. Ava and I got there a little early to so we went to Downtown Disney for a bit to browse around until Amy and Cambria got there.
 We walked into World of Disney (bad choice) and Ava was pointing and going Ballistic over something..she kept yelling out Gecko Gecko and I was like what the heck is she talking about so I let her get out of her stroller to show me and she pulled this little green shimmery Chameleon toy off the shelf and did not let go all day. I guess the character is from the movie Tangled. I even took Ava too look at the cute pooh bears,and Minnie and mickeys but nothing could take her attention off this green reptile. She LOVES frogs,lizards,turtles...anything non girly and green.
 Once we got into the park first stop ended up being the tea cups. Ava had not been on them for a long time and as soon as it started the girls were screaming and laughing. They loved it!
 I guess Ava was being too loud for Cambria LOL...Ava was NOT on her good behavior this day..she was stressing me out big time!
 They were so cute sitting in the line at It's a small world watching the boats pass by
 Time for the Merry go round..They really enjoyed this too
 Ava of course still had her :gecko: strapped in with her
 I was getting dizzy...
 Hi Ava!! Hold on!!!!
 In line for Autopia the girls were being loud and silly.
 Ava I think was being really bad because she did not nap and was tired a lot of the day
On our way out we got to see this guy..from Song of The South. We headed to Cali adventure for a little bit and then soon headed home..where Ava passed out in the car and slept the whole night! She never sleeps that long..I knew she was tired..hence grouchy and anti social.
I can't wait to go back...I can never get enough of Disney!

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Thelma said...

That gecko is cute, i can see why Ava wanted it! Poor Ava was sleepy and grouchy all day? Aww.