Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tea numero 2

The weekend before last a few of us gals got together for some tea time again..which we are planning to do around the 15th of every month. Our reservations were for 11:30am so Off I went to meet the gals.

 I wanted to go for a little Alice in Wonderland look so I wore my velveteen juicy couture dress,white stocking and my vintage blue and white shoes. It was quite comfy.
 I had a pot of the rose tea this time around and a scone and a bowl of asparagus soup.
 Thelma got this really delicious looking parfait thing...I could so go for one of those!
 Us gals..Thelma,Myself, Amy and Felicia.
 I like chandeliers..I been thinking about hanging some Faux ones in Ava's room.
 After we had tea and chatted then said our good byes Thelma and Felicia and I were all parked out front ..so we decided to take a couple more pictures
 Thelma and Felicia
 Myself and Felicia..it was such a beautiful day! I just love tea time with the girls!


April Rodriguez said...

This looks like way too much fun! Kudos to hanging out with the girls!

Thelma said...

It was a nice time. Looking forward to the next tea time!