Wednesday, August 17, 2011

devo strikes again..well their coverband that is...

It's so funny how Last Friday I went to see a Devo cover band and the Friday before I got to see the real Devo..hmm..I have to say this Devo cover band ..Smart Patrol..was WAY FUN!

 Gabe,myself and my brother went to pick up Toni before we headed over to Alex's bar (not my brothers bar..another Alex) to see a trio of cover bands..We ordered our drinks then went to the stage to get a good view
 Opening up was this CLASH cover band..I thought they were pretty good. After them it was time to wait in the horrid lines of the bathroom.
 I just love the art in the ladies restroom inside Alex's Bar...This one kinda reminded me of Ava.
 I think this little kitty kat baby is cute too
 We saw some friends and talked a little with them and got more drinks then moved back to the front of the stage where we went to go see smart patrol.
 So rad..we were singing along and dancing like crazy
 few videos
 After them and after quite a few drinks it was one more drink and then we went to the back to relax with our friends..
 Us all sweating,and ruffled up and buzzed from this very overcrowded night at the bar
 Gabe and Issac
 Some of the other gang
The last band to play was the Cure cover band...they started out playing these very slow tiring songs..I was ready to leave..of course by the time we got outside and were saying our goodbyes I could hear them rocking out 10:15 on a Saturday..(love that song..oh then to The Forest..all their more up tempo stuff..that sounded pretty good...they should have started off with that cause I think they pretty much cleared the house with their start...anyway fun night!

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Thelma said...

Cool! Yeah I still listen to The Forest LOL! great song.