Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ye ol Steak Corral!!

Anyone knows that I am a huge lover of Old Timey stuff..mainly mid century era and I just have a HUGE love for old pantry style coffe shop and restaurants. One place that was always on my list to go to dinner with the kids was the Steak Corral inWhittier..We finally made it.
 This place has been there I believe since the 50's...I could be mistaken..
 Cannot mistake the cowboy who lassoed a steak!
 The menu options...This place is WAY CHEAP..I mean it is not very famcy food but I still enjoyed it. I especailly love that they have a baked potatoe and steak topping bar..you can fine sour cream,chives,cheese,bacon bits for your potatos and grilled onions,sauteed mushrooms,BBQ sauce etc for your steak!
 Check out the old pie covers LOL so old school I love it
 Gabe and I sitting at the table while we wait for food.
 So many fun things for the kids to look at too...Love this saddle seat for the youngens
 Parker makes friends with the robber
 Covered wagon salad and drink bar
 Ava just loved her chicken tenders
 Salad served in steel bowls!
 I think this saddles / horsey seat made Ava very happy
 Pee pee break for Ava..check out this mirror...she was afraid of this bathroom..hmm maybe it is haunted
 Not too many people here
 This was the most dusty thing I have ever seen
 The kids ate some ice cream in a corner booth together.
 Then parker pushed Ava around on her horse
 Parker wanted to take pictures as well of all the deco..I have a TON of photos he took...maybe I should have him start a blog.
 More playtime
 Ok time to leave..I can't wait to go back
See ya soon Steak Corral...I think the kids just loved it too!

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Thelma said...

That place looks pretty cool! hmmm...that bathroom gave Ava the heebee jeebees? Crazy maybe it is haunted.