Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blake turns One

This Sunday we went to Blakes 1st Birthday Party at Marine Stadium. Blake is the first son of Mike and Karen. Gabe has known Mike for Several years. We were so excited for him and his wife when we found out they were expecting..that seemed like yesterday..Now he is 1 YEAR OLD!
 Here he is sitting in his new chair someone got for him..I don't know what he thought about that...
 Oh where there is a bouncer is where Ava will be at. She went straight for it as soon as we walked up. She stayed in there all day too except to come out every once in awhile for some pieces of fruit and something to drink.
 Still has her "GECKO" from Disneyland with her.
 Cute Cake
 The whole party had this sesame street thing going on.

 Parker was more entertained hanging out with Gabe and I rather then going in the bounce house...hmmm is someone growing up way to fast??
 After lunch we sung Happy Birthday..This is ava's favorite part..she was really belting out Happy Birthday
 LOL Blake he was like WHAT IS HAPPENING???
 Goodie bags!!
 Have you ever seen a kid think so hard about eating a piece of cake...Man was that cake good too..had strawberry and whipped cream filling!!
 Ava just adores cake
 Poor Ava she left her cake to go back in the bouncer and Gabe finished it ..then a little while later I seen her come back to find her cake for more and it was gone...she looked so disappointed.
 Blake did not like having the cake on his hands
It was soon time to go But first not without a picture of Gabe and Mike! It was such a beautiful day for a party in the park.

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