Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Wave Restaurant & Bar

Right around the corner from us a new restaurant. It is a all 80's theme NEW WAVE restaurant. The grand opening for this joint is Aug 5th but last night was the soft opening and Gabe and I just had to be there. We took Ava with us as well. Parker probably would have liked it too but he is in San Francisco with his cousins.
 Our friends were the very first customers! Gabe asked them if they hung their dollar on the wall .LOL.
 I can tell this place is going to be a hang out spot..just hopefully the regulars will not turn into some of the seedy locals that live around it.
 I didn't use my flash so you could really get the ambiance of the place. It is very dark inside with the only lighting being rotating colorful club lights and neon. There was 80's blaring over the loud speaker...Picture yourself walking into a 80's club..yep..but with diner style tables and chairs. I love the checkerboard on the bar. They have a nice specialty cocktail menu including Bomb Shots such as the Duran Duran and The Suedehead, Mixed Shots like The Alf, The Smurf, Blondie and Pretty in Pink, Drinks on the rocks a couple like The Hulk, Beetlejuice , Cocktails like The cure, Richard Blade Rum Runner, Valley Girl, Fishbowls ..The love boat and terminator and Martini's like The Daisy Duke, The Thriller and Ghostbuster.
 There was this shelf in the middle of the Bar Room area (I think after certain hours this part will become a 21 and over area) Anyways top part of the shelf Garbage pail kids and Atari
 Oh yeah ..I almost forgot..and in the bar area there is a stage..hmmm maybe some 80's cover bands will be gracing their presence in the near future.
 Back to the shelves..Second Tier  Burger time LOL cassette tapes and other things
 CARE BEARS!! I really dug the Devo Figurines!
 I loved Simon! I hated Rubik's Cube

 The bathrooms ..
 WHAT..see they need this at every club and bar! A cup holder for your cocktail while you break the seal! Serious...I think they are expecting lots of people drinking and partying like it's a club to add this to the restroom.
 Ava being silly...
 It's like a club I can bring my kids too!
 This is looking out by the door from where we were sitting in the bar area...this is really about how much lighting there is in the place. Over by the seating section there is one of those old 80's table top video games..Free if you can find it unoccupied.
 Here is with the flash..while you sit at the bar having one of the very cleverly named speciality cocktails  you can watch old 80's videos being played on the flat screen tv's! They seem to have a good happy hour..I got a Madonna ( really sweet though) and then a couple well vodka and crans since Happy hour said Well drinks 3.00 not bad but then when the bill came they charged 3.00 for the well vodka and 1.00 for the cranberry..so basically your not ordering the whole cocktails..friggen stoopid if you ask me but hey still 4.00 not too shabby
 Ava liked looking in the lobby mirror..this is without flash..very dark
 We only ordered apps. I got the Bill and Ted's Excellent cheesy Tator tots..Basically your ol average frozen tator tots with melted Velveeta and a cup of Pace picante salsa and a cup of sour cream..The stuff dreams are made of when your hammered and just need FOOD
 Chicken strips..No clever name with this item..just plain ol chicken strips. The menu did have some funny names such a "CHIPs" and Salsa, Jack Tripper Tossed Chicken Salad, Devo Dog, Bosom Buddies Sliders, Siouxsie salad with Banshee dressing, Totally awesome soft tacos..it goes on and on and the kiddie menu AKA Cabbage Patch Kids menu has items like Pee wee Pasta, Doc browns (chicken tenders)
 lobby with flash
Before we left we looked around in the other dining room..It was dark as well so I used the flash for it...
anyways I can see myself coming back here A LOT with my friends..if not to eat to just hang out at the bar and listen to some tunes ...with out the 5.00 cover charge!


Thelma said...

this is the 3rd comment i am putting for some reason they are not registering?? Anyway, that place looks awesome! I can't wait to hang out there!

Iris said...

Yeah Mine were doing that for awhile too...weird.

Leaveitatthat ツ said...

This place looks and sounds amazing. I really need to go check it out!