Monday, August 1, 2011

Tiger Army and The Blasters

So this past Saturday evening I went with my cousins and friends to the OC amphitheatre to see The Blasters and Tiger Army. Let me just say they were so good! I am surprise they are not more well known..they do seem to have quite a cult -ish following though.
 How could just 3 guys rock it so hard!

 It was soo hard to get a good photo with the spotlights constantly shinning on them.
 My cousin and I had seats smack dab in the middle they were pretty good!
 I like the redness in this shot
 Damn spot light..all their faces are all washed out by the light
Big yes is a video of one of my favorite songs they do..they have a lot of great songs though..Only one I did not care for from the whole show. They are playing again I October at The grove in Anaheim..I hope to make that one too!

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