Friday, July 29, 2011

Round 2 head out into the Blue

Last week Parker started his Second Swim Lessons course. I took that Monday off from work so finally I was able to see him do a lesson.

 He really enjoyed it however he misses his old instructor and his old swim mates..this class he takes has all girls..well there is one other Boy he said
 They seemed to be not doing to much so I took Ava to the wading pool to keep her was a HOT day.
 She was so excited at the step I had to tell her it's okay go inside and play
 She loves splashing
 There were a few kids in the pool that looked to be over the age limit.
 I really wanted to go under that fountain..I was sweat'n like a hostage
 Ok..time to go check on Parker Ava..she did not want to leave
 Parker's turn coming up next on the paddle board
He did pretty good. Now that I am thinking about it..I think today was his last day..time to sign him up again for class 3.

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