Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sing a Song..

So I really been digging this extra super Dive bar in Bellflower.
You may recall an earlier post I did on this place when I took my brother to it for his birthday for cheap drinks and Karaoke. I really wanted to take better photos this time around but my batteries were at their end life and I could not even use the flash cause they were so gone.
 Thelma,Toni and myself headed over there around 8 pm and had a few 3.00 cocktails. They were not to bad until my second one where I was sipping the top of the glass and when I got down almost half way I was using my straw to mix up the ice and a piece of tortilla came floating up to the top..Blahh I swear if I did not have a buzz already I would have hurled! I just figured meh the booze will kill any bacteria it may have had on it  ::GAG::
 I took this photos of the gals..Thelma has way better pictures on this night then I did.
 This ol biker dude ( which I find tends to be the regulars..old bearded gray hair bikers with bandanna tired to their heads and cut off Levi vests) offered to take this photo of us. He was all Well I got all your faces in and Your boobs too..pfftt men are such pervs.
 After 3 rounds I think we all finally had the courage to go sing some songs in the other room that was all dark with fluttery lights and incense filling the room. The VJ guy is pretty cool. He is there every Friday, Sat and Thursday...he has a pretty good singing voice too. He did a duet with Toni.
Thelma singing Journey..Man we had so much fun we took over the karaoke though it was pretty much only the 3 of us girls singing. The VJ said do as much as we can now cause come 11-midnite the place gets packed with people wanting to sing. Thelma left a little earlier but Toni and I stayed to do a couple more songs and finish our drinks. Sure enough the place got packed all of a sudden and more bikers came rolling in. They were singing all these Merle Haggard songs and I thought hmm let me do 2 more songs that will fit the scene with these guys so I did 16 tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford which got everyone singing along (I kinda felt like Pee Wee when he goes to the biker crowd) then I did Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones and they sung to that too. One guy came up to me and was All "Do you know Symphony for the Devil" i was like yeah..He said " If you do that song for me I will buy your next round ...what are you drinking" I told him sorry partner..I am heading time show up earlier and Toni and I were out!

I just love singing over there..I think for sure I will have to go every few Fridays a month. I just need to get a group of people (friends) to become regulars there!

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Thelma said...

LOL! Yeah it was a lot of fun. A lot of colorful characters but it awesome!