Monday, July 11, 2011

Date night with the kids

Friday Gabe had to work a double shift at work so instead of the usual sitting around the house loafing around watching TV while the kids play video games or toys I decided to take them to the Long Beach Towne Center for a afternoon/evening of fun. I figure I really got to get out of the routine of always just getting off work and lounging to every other day start taking the kids out..I mean it is summer after all.
 It was a HOT afternoon so first stop was to play in the fountains. Ava loves them.
 She was having fun stepping on the little covered holes the water come out of
 When one water fountain rupture she would run over to it but then it would be gone and another one would go she was chasing them for a bit.
 She was waiting for this on to go off. Parker just sat by me watching her..he didn't feel like playing in them.
 Here she is trying to step on the two holes to keep the water from coming out.
 She got on her knees and put her face down to look into one of the holes and it went off right in her face..MAN I wish I had gotten a picture of that she was busting up laughing..she ran away from it for a split second then went and sat next to it. She started getting really soaked and I didn't bring a extra change of clothes so I took her to the playground to run around and hopefully dry off a little. Parker checked out the arcade for a bit and then we headed to Panda Express and shared some orange chicken and chowmein 2 entree plate between the 3 of us...we ate every bite. Then it was time soon for our movie to start.
 The kids waiting patiently for Cars 2 to begin. I snuck in a TON of candy and sodas we picked up at Walgreen's before coming in so all I bought was a bucket of popcorn.
 Once the movie was over we headed back out. Ava did not to bad. She got a little bratty and moody here and there in the theater but nothing to terrible where I would have to leave the theater. Parker Loved the movie. It was cute.
 CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Oh and from the previews I saw waiting for Cars 2 to begin others on my list are PUSS IN BOOTS, and THE SMURFS..they both looked funny..especially Puss in Boots I was laughing so hard during the previews.
 It was such a gorgeous evening I decided to let the kids stretch out a bit before leaving so I let them play in the playground while I sat by the fire pit watching them.
 The colored fountain up front was very pretty to look at.
 They sat and watched it for a bit.
 Lots of people were in line..I guess Friday is a big date night after all.
 Ok Ava must go to playground now...
 She just LOVED this slide. She saw me with the camera and was saying CHEEEEEESE!!! I love this picture close up!
 She just kept going on it over and over.
Parker was just enjoying his Boston Baked beans and chillen. He was doing good following Ava around and making sure no kids would push her ..he is such a great older brother.
By the time we got home Gabe was home off work so it was perfect timing. I had such a great night just the kids and I!

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Thelma said...

Aw that's nice you got to take them out. That's what summer vacations all about! It was really hot that night too.