Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday , Happy Anniversary

Yep that is what I heard all Sunday afternoon. Jessica (my brothers girlfriend) surprised my brother for his birthday and for their anniversary a trip to Disneyland. What made it even more special is she made plans to have Jessica ( Alex baby Mama) and her Girlfriend Teressa bring the twins to share the day with him and of course Gabe and I and our kids. We could not show up though til after Ava's gymnastics class.

 Once we got there I called them up and told them to meet us by the Jungle cruise..which was the ride I just so happen to want to go on cause it was only a 5 minute wait.
 Jess and Alex had the twins with them while they relieved Jess and Teressa to go off and have some fun time alone going on the big rides.
 Alex was holding Logan..I was cracking up cause Alexis was totally fine but Logan looked a little worried..
 Yeah his face was pretty much like this the whole ride LOL
 Such a great day and it was not crowded either
 We went on a few more rides. Logan fell asleep so Jess stayed with him outside while we went on Pirates..Looks like Lexi was getting pretty relaxed too on the dark journey through the canals of the Caribbean
 Johnny Depp is looking a little freaky..don't ya think??
 Time for Winnie The Pooh!! Ava adores this ride..There is like NEVER a line for this ride..I think it is just never crowded cause ti is so hidden..i love it though.
 Once the twins were back with Jess and Teressa Alex and Jess headed with us over to Cal adventure (of course after Indiana Jones) and had to do Toy Story Mania...Alex won.
 I feel like I look cross eyed and kinda like Devo in this picture..
 The rest of the band...
It was late and we still had fast passes for Splash Mountain. Ava fell asleep so I just shopped around for a bit while the rest of the group went on the ride and In the Disneyana store I found this awesome wind chime..I was really close to buying it but I didn't. You have to click on the picture to really see it.
It is a Alice in Wonderland wind Chime and it's Alice falling down the hole and her cat peeking down on her and then the chimes with the white rabbit on the bottom. It is SO COOL.
Anyways..always a blast at THE LAND


lovelybones said...

was so fun!!! we have to do it again sometime :P

Thelma said...

Logan's face aww he looks terrified! Jack Sparrow looks creepy! LOL!
I love that Alice and Wonderland wind chime! So cute you should get it for sure!