Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stone Soul at the Park

Last Thursday Gabe was able to switch his work shift to come with the kids and I to see Stone Soul play at one of the Lakewood parks.
We saw Stone Soul before at a Mod club and really enjoyed them so we were pretty stoked that they were doing a show for free at the park.

 This is a really nice park..we drive by it often but never stopped by.
 Ava was really excited to see all the people in their folding chairs,and blankets laid out and about.
 Here is a nice shady spot for us to park.
 We bought a family bucket of fried chicken from KFC with some fried Potato wedges,mashed potatoes and gravy,mac and cheese,Cole slaw and biscuits. Ava enjoying her chicken.
 Parker clean his plate.
 Gabe and I got sub sandwiches to eat from the Italian deli by our house
 We brought sodas and snuck in a wine too to have with dinner
 Ava wanted to go dance when the band started and Parker just wanted to play in the playground
 The band was so great. They did all covers of Motown and Soul
 Ava mixing it up in the crowd
 Gabe watching the show
 The last song they did was SHOUT! The crowd was really getting into it.
 After the band we took Ava to the playground
 She loves the  swing
 She loves making her body all limp when she is swinging
 funny kid
Once we got up to leave Ava was saying Goodbye Park then as we were walking she was all DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND and we were like why is she saying that and then we noticed this sign! I guess she recognised the Name Disneyland..heck we go there enough. She is obsessed with Disneyland. Every weekend she tells us Disneyland sometimes when we are in bed in the morning.
Anyway this was a great little family night.

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Thelma said...

Looks like a good turn out! Amazing how Ava can read Disneyland! Awesome!