Friday, July 1, 2011

a Evening at Ming's!

Ever since I can remember I have always remembered this Chinese restaurant. Located in Bellflower Ca not too far from my grandma's house ( the home I live in now). I spent a lot of my time at Grandma's as a child ..she was my regular sitter as a child when my parents would go to concerts and festivals. I remember she always had Chinese take out and it was always from Ming's. As a matter of fact I think I recall my father saying she been eating Ming's forever. I remember also driving by Ming's alot. There was a old thrift store we used to go to as a kid and a old dairy drive thru that used to be next door as well.( gotta love old Bellflower..mecca for mid century buildings and restaurant and mid century ghost town practically)
To say the least this is a familiar image of my whole life was this old restaurant and I have been dying to go for ever and finally I went this past weekend.

 The sign out front that faces the street. Still the sign I remember too.
I always was just a tad afraid to eat here cause I remember as a kid one of my dad's old hippie burn out friends was talking about how he was trash digging here and found a bunch of cat furs in the dumpsters and was trying to convince us that they were serving cat...As adult I git wise and realized that it was probably rabbit pelts since I fine a lot of Fine dining restaurants will serve rabbit.
 The front entrance
 I really dug the family style dinner options
 Their menu looks so old school

 Full of orange vinyl booths and horseshoe booths

 Crazy Old school High Chairs
 Nice little table settings
 All of us enjoying tea before the meal
 First up won Ton soup...SO delish!
 It had EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink in it
 Parker just wanted fried rice..Of course we helped him eat it.
 We had Soup,Egg Roll, Orange Chicken,Beef Broccoli, Chow Mein, BBQ Ribs..all of it was FANTASTIC
 This beef and Broc was so tender and juicy..Ate every bite!
We were really happy and giddy about having a nice dining experience but Ava was reallllly acting up and screaming and throwing food then smearing the little sauce bowls over her face..(being REALLY BAD) (of course due to all the sugar from the birthday party previously) So we had to wrap up all of of food about 15 minutes into being Mental note..Next time NO KIDS so we can get that experience we were so wanting. This is my new Favorite Chinese food restaurant by the way!


Thelma said...

I've been to MING's one time and it's cool inside i have to agree. They give lot's of food! But yeah I remember as a kid some rumors about that restaurant. Maybe you told me about them? Hahahaa!

John and Kirsten said...

We used to go there to - the food is authentic tasting and we found you go one time and the dish was great and the next time the same dish wasn't exactly the same. We did enjoy it and John always told me the same stories about your grandmother!

Ally said...

Looks great!