Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim Lessons for Parker

This week Parker started his Swim Lessons at Mayfair Park. when I was 10 my mother signed me up for swimming lessons at the same pool. I remembered I was terrified to go in. He was a little nervouse about it too but so far he is loving it. He only wished the classes were longer.

 Ava and Gabe watching from the bleachers.
Parker in the pool. I asked Gabe to take pictures of Parkers first day..he took two and the rest were in video form..hmmm
So far Parker has told me he learned to float on his back,go under water without holding his nose and that they been doing a lot of kicking with the kick boards and some arm strokes while kicking. I think for his next level of swim lessons I am going to change the time for when I come home from work so I can watch. I get so bum that I don't get to see any of the classes and other fun activities that the kids do in the day that Gabe does.

I gotta teach Gabe how to use the camera on the Ipod.

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Thelma said...

Crazy I remember swimming in that pool as a kid. It's good to get lessons, I think Parker will feel a lot more comfortable in the water.