Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Tumble'n Tot

We been waiting sometime to get into this class and finally this past Sunday Ava had her first Gymnastics lesson!! Now this is not like Gymboree where it is a lot of play time and songs. This is actual gymnastics but definitely more focused for toddlers. This is the first available classes from 18 months to 2 years old. Right after she is done with these sessions she will move on to the 3-5 year old.

 We got there a little early and the instructor was doing private lessons with a teen for competition training but told us to go ahead and come in and start using the equipment..
 They have all these different exercises they have the kids do on these big foam shapes.
 This one they had all the kids line up and roll down them
 Ava loved this big ball thing that she was chasing.
 Parker was having fun too running around with the crowd. There was a lot of bigger siblings to the toddlers helping them explore the place.
 Ava's favorite were the trampolines. I let her swing on the parallel bars too but she could not get a good grip on them cause her hands are so tiny.
 More balancing beam work
 She had fun jumping everywhere! She was Beyond over stimulated!
 They brought out the hula hoops..Gabe and I were laughing cause she was trying so hard to do it..she basically would hold it around her and dance in the middle of it.
 Time to circle up for floor exercises! Ava did NOT do well in this. She did not want me to hold her,she did not want to participate, she did not want to sit anywhere but right in the middle and be loud. The teacher said That's okay..after a few sessions it will get easier and not to force them to do anything they will do it when they are ready. The instructor did have a chance to steal Ava up from the middle of the floor and use her as her little helper showing how to do some of the exercises. I really think Ava was just way to excited to run around like a maniac and jump on trampolines that when it was time to stay still she just could not deal. Luckily she was not the only one..there was another little girl doing the same.
 After floor exercises it was more balancing work. I was holding Ava's hand but towards the end she did not want any help. They were saying go ahead and let her use her arms for balance.
 She walked across this all on her own. She did excellent!
 Ava got a star for doing so good!
She loved her little star sticker. I cannot wait for next Sunday...I just really hope she does better at circle time!

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Thelma said...

Aw so cute! So funny about the hula hooping! She's got the concept down!