Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drinking with Alex

 Last Friday my brother turned 24 and I was thinking to myself how...hmmm we have never been bar hopping before so I figured..Alex for your bday I am taking ya bar hopping! Well we only hit 2 bars.
 Took Alex to The Flite room where I ordered him his bday cake for the evening...S round of Choclate Cake shots and then a round of drinks..he ordered a Adios MutherFu%*er...He was clearly on a mission to drink himself to an oblivion
 Yarrr...Chocolate cake shot down the hatch and a cape cod please..How much will that be....16.50..OK time to pick up your friends who are drinking PBR's with Gabe at my house and head to the Hawaiaan room
 SCORE!!! 80's DJ and Karaoke!!! Alex doesn't do Karoke but on this night he was unstoppable!
 Scott and Tim...
 Not sure what they were singing but Tim was determine to make sure Alex was gonna sing..they had already put down Alex's name on a few songs

I sung a bunch too we spent the whole time there singing OH and one of the best parts
2 cape cods..6.50!! ...That's what I'm talking bout!

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Thelma said...

I think the Hawaiian Room is close to my mom's house in Bellflower!
Thats great that Alex is finally old enough to where you guys can go out and party together!