Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow.....

Last Friday I felt like a was mourning a death. Every Friday Gabe's mom comes over to babysit the kids since Gabe and I both work Days ... when I walk through the front door my mother in law was so excited for me to come into the room and check out Ava's new Makeover.

Ok so I am thinking "makeover???" So I expected to see Ava come out with like make up on her face or wearing my heels and hat or something playing dress up and to my Horror I see her walk in with all of her beautiful long curly hair CUT OFF!!

I was so devastated. I had no plans on cutting Ava's hair and it was so long too. When it was wet her hair went down to the middle of her back.
There was no reasoning behind why she cut her hair off. I expect it was because she would scream and cry and throw herself to the grown every time you try and brush it and maybe my mother in law just got fed up fighting with her to brush her hair and just thought all around that cutting it off would help resolve the issues.
The things that really upset me about it is that I was not there to see her get her first haircut nor had the opportunity to save one of her locks for her baby book. It was like having a milestone stolen from me.
Ava however really seems to enjoy it. I noticed some personality changes with her as well since she had the hair cut. She is more sassy..maybe there is some logic behind the term Sassy short haired, she was really playful that day and all of a sudden seems much more mature.
I only hope her hair grows back curly with those tight ringlets. In the meantime I should just think positive about it and not dwell.
Maybe with the short hair I can get her trained on not being so afraid of the brush and there are all kinds of cute headbands and bows I can put on her.
Anyways, we are no longer having gabe's mom sit for her. You know when you have a sitter you expect your child to be in the same condition you left them in.
Here are some pictures of the day she got her hair cut.

Yep..there is my sassy short haired 2 year old....I hope it grows back fast!

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Thelma said...

you know I noticed the change in her personality too! She does seem sassier! Yeah give it time and it will grow back and hopefully the curls will come in again.