Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Snoopy Rave!

The other day we went to Knott's for a little bit and I met up with my brother, Jess and my dad with the kids. Gabe had a scooter club meeting but came and meet us there afterwards. It was cool ..the lines were long though..I guess with summertime and all.

 At dusk after everyone left Gabe and I and the kids went to check out this whole new Snoopy Starlite Spectacular thing. It was like Camp Snoopy turned into a rave for Kids. Everything was full of colorful lights, Electronic music was playing throughout the trees, there were swirling lights on the ground and strobes and was rather quite cool. 
Ava was just having a blast dancing around. She kept marching and blowing on her whistle to the music.
Nothing Slows her down..even when she falls she gets right back up as if nothing even happened and continues to dance the night away.
There is a great dancing video of her posted on my facebook page too!


April Rodriguez said...

WHOA! She did like a twirl in the air before she fell! Awesome! Get down Ava!!!!

Thelma said...

Thats so awesome! Ava looked like she had a blast!