Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dance of the Decades!!

Well this post is about the party we went to last Saturday night. I uploaded the pictures backwards so basically I will be letting you know how the party went backwards.
The party was basically a customer appreciation party for my husband friend that runs his own mobile dj business. They were going to be playing music from the 50's to current days. There was also a costume contest for you to dress as a decade of your choice. Oh yeah and karaoke!

The end of the night we were all some karaoke junkies..I did 2 songs..Love is a battlefield by Pat benetar and Borderline by Madonna. This picture above is of a bunch of peeps doing We are the Champions by Queen. It was a nice closing to the party.
My brother and his gf dancing
Jen..playing with this awesome scooter cut out they had
I was munching on candies all night
More dancing..My brother was dressed as DEVO..he won the costume contest!
Gabe got to Dj a 60's set..he got the part one was dancing until he started spinning. I don't know just something about that Soul music that gets ya going.
Kurt Cobain Od'd ..this was a great costume..the Grunge era.
Having fun posing with the scooter..Gabe was the 50's dean martin era
I was going for the Grease look
Jess was 80's pop punk
First thing we did when we got there was all took some shots..
They had a awesome tables set up with Candies of the decades ..the 90's
The 80's..
The 50's..
The 60's...

and the 70's
We had such a great time at this party.

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Thelma said...

I loved Alex's Devo costume! Really good! Everyone looked good! Awesome candy table!