Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tea for Two

This past Saturday I met up with my dear friend Felicia just to get caught up since we rarely hang out ( but we are making a change of that) We both agreed that despite our busy schedules around the 15th of every month we would meet for tea on a regular basis.
We went to Elise's Tea Room in Bixby Knolls Long Beach.

 I got their about 5 minutes before Felicia arrived. The place had just opened 30 minutes prior to me arriving. I sat down in a nice little table for too. The tea room was very quaint and dainty. There were just a couple ladies having tea and chatting while soft elegant music played over the speakers.
 The table had some china tea cups out. I sat down and looked over the tea menu.
 This was just the caffeinated side of the tea list...there was also a herbal and decaf side too. I had such a hard time deciding what tea I wanted to try..I ended up getting a small pot of the Champagne Darjeeling Raspberry tea. Felicia ordered the Huckleberry cream.
 I just love sugar cubes! Felicia and I thought the flowers were real too..it took a little bit until we realized they weren't.
 We both ordered the Tea Sampler (we wanted to try a little of everything) our start was a scone and jam plate. I ordered the strawberry scone.It was crispy on the outside and soft and warm in the middle. The plate had blackberry jam (delish), Lemon curd(amazing) and Devonshire cream (devine). The lemon curd tasted like the filling of a lemon meringue pie and the devonshire cream was like a sweet whipped up cream cheese.
 After our scones we got to choose 3 tea sandwiches ..I got the chicken curry,cucumber and cream cheese and chives..all so very tasty!
 My dear friend Felicia!!
 Look how cute the tea posts are..we both had our own. The tea was so delish!
 After our sandwiches we had to indulge in the desserts  and we both chose the Lemon cake. It was heavenly but a little on the VERY sweet side..we both had to tear down the walls but the lemony cake and the whipped cream on the bottom was magic!
Our waiter was so nice enough to offer to take our picture. I cannot wait until our next tea gathering. I also cannot wait until Ava is old enough to come to tea with me as well. They have a very lovely children's tea option!.

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Thelma said...

Aw it looks so nice there! Can't wait to come with you both!