Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chili Cook Off 4th of July

So 4th of July are one of Gabe and I favorite holiday to hang out with friends and have a good time. We debated on and off if we were going to do a party of some sort since the 4th was on a Monday and we all had to be at work the next day. I decided to start the day off early and tell people they could start coming at 11:30 if they pleased if they wanted a head start.

 This block for many years has always celebrated the 4th with a is a good ol dose of Americana on Hazelbrook that's for sure.
All the neighbors on our end of the street were having parties. They had gazebos, and benches,tables, bbqs and chairs all out in their front yards. Our neighbors across the street had a big snow cone machine and a Huge 3 man Sling Shot that launched water balloon over to about 5 houses down the street..the wars began. It was a water balloon fight like no other. The neighbors were launching them over to the next block then wham all of a sudden you see a water balloon come crashing into our block from out of nowhere..eventually the girls across the street were on the roof doing look out while the guys on the ground with focusing on their next target. Gabe was asked to help a few launches.
 After a couple White Sangria's I poured myself from the White Sangria fountain I had going on in the bar area of the house peeps just started Rollin in.
 Jesse got there early to set up his Dj booth where he dj'd for the day. Everyone was bringing in Booze, and Trays of food, and Cases of beer or bottles of wine...there was lots of booze needless to say..and food too. We were having a chili cook off competition. We only had 5 chili's in the votes though..hopefully next time we will have more. They were all good.
 We set the Dj booth in the garage away from the pool. Lots of people mingling throughout the day.
 Hilarie brought a fun American flag jello dessert..this one was kid friendly. I busted out the Champagne Peach ring adult Jello lasted maybe 5 minutes...
 Hi Gals!!
 OOO Look ...Carrot Cake..I am so bummed I did not get to have a piece!
 let the dancing begin...There was people every where inside dancing outside sitting in the shade, in the front yard playing in the water slide, in the house making cocktails, over tasting chili or at the salad table.
 Ava was having so much fun in the pool with the other little ones. The bigger kids were down the street at the neighbors house playing on the Huge water slide.
 Of course after a few drinks..a few of us adults had to go walk down the street with our swim suits and asked if we can raid it for awhile..the people that rented it were very cool and said of course. This was so much fun.

Getting drenched
 I am soooo renting one of these for my yard next party
 After the pool came the shenanigans on the water slide
 and the shenanigans out back..
 Kev ended up winning best chili..He won a gift basket for of the necessities that one eating lots of chili may need such as butt burner hot sauce,a splash proof book,butt aid cream, some gas x pills, some breath spray, some air wick..and a nice bottle of Jack Daniels Honey whiskey.
 Just a shot of some of the party goers
 A lot of us were hanging out front riding the scoots was getting dark so time to move everyone out front to watch the fireworks
 Of course all the ladders were out and there was mass amounts of illegal fireworks happening all around us.
 hmm?? yeah they look pretty excited..
 I can never get good shots of fireworks
Some of the spectators
The boys at up front viewing.
After the fireworks everyone started to leave ..I hung out for a little while talking to the few that were still just hanging out reflecting on the party..I would have to say for last minute planning..I think this 4th was a success..I had a TON of people tell me it was one of the best 4th's they ever had...Mission Accomplished!

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Thelma said...

I didn't get any of the jello mold, but i did get some carrot cake and I went back to get more and it was gone! All the food was great and it was a great time!