Friday, July 29, 2011

Round 2 head out into the Blue

Last week Parker started his Second Swim Lessons course. I took that Monday off from work so finally I was able to see him do a lesson.

 He really enjoyed it however he misses his old instructor and his old swim mates..this class he takes has all girls..well there is one other Boy he said
 They seemed to be not doing to much so I took Ava to the wading pool to keep her was a HOT day.
 She was so excited at the step I had to tell her it's okay go inside and play
 She loves splashing
 There were a few kids in the pool that looked to be over the age limit.
 I really wanted to go under that fountain..I was sweat'n like a hostage
 Ok..time to go check on Parker Ava..she did not want to leave
 Parker's turn coming up next on the paddle board
He did pretty good. Now that I am thinking about it..I think today was his last day..time to sign him up again for class 3.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sing a Song..

So I really been digging this extra super Dive bar in Bellflower.
You may recall an earlier post I did on this place when I took my brother to it for his birthday for cheap drinks and Karaoke. I really wanted to take better photos this time around but my batteries were at their end life and I could not even use the flash cause they were so gone.
 Thelma,Toni and myself headed over there around 8 pm and had a few 3.00 cocktails. They were not to bad until my second one where I was sipping the top of the glass and when I got down almost half way I was using my straw to mix up the ice and a piece of tortilla came floating up to the top..Blahh I swear if I did not have a buzz already I would have hurled! I just figured meh the booze will kill any bacteria it may have had on it  ::GAG::
 I took this photos of the gals..Thelma has way better pictures on this night then I did.
 This ol biker dude ( which I find tends to be the regulars..old bearded gray hair bikers with bandanna tired to their heads and cut off Levi vests) offered to take this photo of us. He was all Well I got all your faces in and Your boobs too..pfftt men are such pervs.
 After 3 rounds I think we all finally had the courage to go sing some songs in the other room that was all dark with fluttery lights and incense filling the room. The VJ guy is pretty cool. He is there every Friday, Sat and Thursday...he has a pretty good singing voice too. He did a duet with Toni.
Thelma singing Journey..Man we had so much fun we took over the karaoke though it was pretty much only the 3 of us girls singing. The VJ said do as much as we can now cause come 11-midnite the place gets packed with people wanting to sing. Thelma left a little earlier but Toni and I stayed to do a couple more songs and finish our drinks. Sure enough the place got packed all of a sudden and more bikers came rolling in. They were singing all these Merle Haggard songs and I thought hmm let me do 2 more songs that will fit the scene with these guys so I did 16 tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford which got everyone singing along (I kinda felt like Pee Wee when he goes to the biker crowd) then I did Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones and they sung to that too. One guy came up to me and was All "Do you know Symphony for the Devil" i was like yeah..He said " If you do that song for me I will buy your next round ...what are you drinking" I told him sorry partner..I am heading time show up earlier and Toni and I were out!

I just love singing over there..I think for sure I will have to go every few Fridays a month. I just need to get a group of people (friends) to become regulars there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OC Fair and The Fab Four

Saturday we went to the fair. We had purchased tickets to see the Fab Four along with Jumpin Jack Flash ( Beatles and Stones tribute bands) The tickets were only 12.50 (nosebleed section) but it included entrance in the fair as well.
We were to be meeting up with our friends Josh and Vicki and their daughter Evie. Wish I took more pictures. We also met up with ally,Alex,Scott,Jess and Andy.

 It was a hot sunny day..the first thing Parker wanted to do was go on the big giant slide
 Don't burn your biscuits on that!!
 We walked through the big carnival ..between the games and all the rides and music and people Ava was just looking around with this face of wonder.
 She would not even respond to us nor could she just sit in her stroller she was in total amazement with all the big stuffed toys hanging from the games
 Parker went on this log ride
 then on this roller coaster with Gabe..Gabe is the only one with his hands in the air..I swear he is just like a kid.
 I really wanted to win a stuffed animal for Ava so I sat down at the horse race game where you roll the balls into holes and they read either slow,fast,or fastest..anyway fortunately for me I won the first game I played (woo hoo no 20.00 dollar prize) Ava had her choice to choose a stuffed animal and she wanted this blue dragon. She adores it..she held on to it ALL DAY. When we sat and ate she had it with her,on the rides she wanted to take it with her,at the concert,everywhere..she even wanted to stroll it around in her stroller for a little while.
 Of course we had to stop to indulge in some friend food. The kids wanted Hot dog on a stick so we stopped for a bit to eat. While they had that Gabe got us a bucket of Battered potatoes. So good but to tell you the truth it was very greasy and filled me up so I really didn't have much for the rest of the day except for a couple chocolate covered strawberries.
 I loved it in the ranch dressing. We had a glass of white zin was delish.
 Ava made friends with this happy go lucky clown as we headed over to the bug exhibit for the kids
 They had all kinds of things going on in their.
 I think Ava liked these ants the best!
 Hmm to get cotton candy or not???
 Some of the fried anomalies this year at the fair..we were looking for the deep fried bacon covered cheese..thank goodness we are going back a few more times to the fair this year!
 We went to meet up with my brother and his group at the front gate since I had their tickets to get in. We went and checked out the art. One day when I have a dining room set I so want the lights over the dining room table like this...I love this light set up!
 art that moves..the wings of the bird flapped
 The devil dances a jig
 I really loved this piece. It is like a lost kid in the night who comes to a tree that is full of mysterious owls peering at her with their glowing eyes.
 After the art exhibit My brother and his group left to do their own thing and Gabe and I headed to the Hanger for a bit to listen to some music and then walked to the front of the gate again to meet up with Josh and Vickie and Soon after Ally. We saw these creatures of the garden wandering about.
 After some vodka ice tea lemonades and some wine all of us headed back to the carnival area again cause Josh wanted to play some games to win Evie an elephant cause she is really into Dumbo right now. Of course silly guys have to stop next to the cleavage..oh and by the way this is the more decent of the photos..the poses next to the cleavage got a little risque if you know what I mean...funny though.
 Josh and Gabe and Parker back on the roller coaster
 The guys!! Afterwards we went to the wine tasting area to have a tasting before our concert started. We met up with everyone that was going in and off to the concert we went.
 The fab four was just as awesome as always. When they perform they take breaks to change into new outfits so when it would be time to move from meet the Beatles to SGT. Pepper then stones band would come out and play.
 Tired baby but she was enjoying it. she got up and danced a lot.
 They look alot like the Beatles too
 Like look at this George Harrison guy..He looks JUST LIKE HIM!
 STONES..the Mick Jagger kinda is good too
Scott and Gabe High five to a great concert!
 When the concert was over we met back up with Josh and Vickie in the kiddie carnival area..we put Ava on some rides..she also went on this maze thing with the help of Parker
It took her awhile to slide down this slide. After the rides it was really super late and we were beat so we headed home.
I just love the oc fair. I am bummed though we didn't get to see more of the exhibits,farm animals,gardens..I guess we ill be going back most likely next week.
I will be there again for another concert this Sunday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stone Soul at the Park

Last Thursday Gabe was able to switch his work shift to come with the kids and I to see Stone Soul play at one of the Lakewood parks.
We saw Stone Soul before at a Mod club and really enjoyed them so we were pretty stoked that they were doing a show for free at the park.

 This is a really nice park..we drive by it often but never stopped by.
 Ava was really excited to see all the people in their folding chairs,and blankets laid out and about.
 Here is a nice shady spot for us to park.
 We bought a family bucket of fried chicken from KFC with some fried Potato wedges,mashed potatoes and gravy,mac and cheese,Cole slaw and biscuits. Ava enjoying her chicken.
 Parker clean his plate.
 Gabe and I got sub sandwiches to eat from the Italian deli by our house
 We brought sodas and snuck in a wine too to have with dinner
 Ava wanted to go dance when the band started and Parker just wanted to play in the playground
 The band was so great. They did all covers of Motown and Soul
 Ava mixing it up in the crowd
 Gabe watching the show
 The last song they did was SHOUT! The crowd was really getting into it.
 After the band we took Ava to the playground
 She loves the  swing
 She loves making her body all limp when she is swinging
 funny kid
Once we got up to leave Ava was saying Goodbye Park then as we were walking she was all DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND and we were like why is she saying that and then we noticed this sign! I guess she recognised the Name Disneyland..heck we go there enough. She is obsessed with Disneyland. Every weekend she tells us Disneyland sometimes when we are in bed in the morning.
Anyway this was a great little family night.