Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portillo's Hot Dogs

Gabe and I found a new spot to eat before heading into Knott's from now on. It is Portillo's Hot Dogs! Portillo's is a food chain in Chicago and now they have brought two Portillo's to California. There is also one other in Indiana.
I am so happy that one is not so far from us either.

 I love their bags all their food comes in.
 I of course HAD to indulge myself in the Chicago dog..( LOVE CHICAGO DOGS)
 and a Ice cold schooner of beer (only 3.50)...
 Gabe got the beef and sweet pepper sandwich with a side of Au Jus..and a beer as well...Gabe said it was the best sandwich ever. We got the kids a couple of burgers and some root beers.
 They had all kinds of stuff to look at in the rafters and walls
 It was really packed inside..

Ahh yes Portillo's...can't wait to drop by there for lunch again!


Thelma said...

Mmmm...I've been craving a hot dog. Looks great there!

April Rodriguez said...

I didn't know they had one out here! I went to the one in Chicago! Soooo yummy!