Sunday, August 15, 2010

French Dinning!

I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog. I am going to start with something a little more recent though...Last Night!

Gabe had told me about a really good special they were having at his restaurant which was a 3 course meal for 18.00!

Yesterday we had reservations for 4!
Sean and Julia joined us and we all started off with some Champagne cocktails. I had the Chanel cocktails which was champagne with Strawberry Liquor and had some fresh sliced strawberries as the garnish, Julia I think had the French 75 which is champagne with Cognac and lemon may have been called something else.
I of course had to order the Raspberry lemondrop martini too!
We all decided with a appetizer which Julia and I both never had tried and thought we would be up for trying something new...STEAMED MUSSELS..Spanish style. They were served in a pot full of a steamy saffron ,garlic and butter broth and had Spanish chorizo..I would have to say it was pretty good but I still could not get pass the look of the grossed me out but I did eat 3!
After a salad and some sharing off of Gabe's french onion soup dinner was served. We all ofcourse order the Filet Mignon over a mash potato and fresh buttery steamed veggies all tied together with a brandy peppercorn was delish!
After dinner it was dessert and espresso. Well Sean and Julia got the espresso's Gabe and I opted out.
Gabe got the chocolate mousse with fresh berries and I got the floating Island. It was basically a baked meringue floating on a creamy vanilla sauce with berries and there was a very rich thin drizzling of caramel over the delish!
We pretty much closed up the place...I just love the lighting and ambiance at this place.
Us gals waiting for the gents to use the restroom before hitting the road.
All of us. I will definitely being go back to dinner here to take advantage again of the 18.00 3 course meal special...maybe even next weekend! Bon Appetite

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Thelma said...

Looks like a great time and an excellent deal! Very pretty restaurant too!