Monday, December 19, 2011

Get up N Go

A couple weekends ago after a Saturday night of some drinking and board games and staying up til 3am with my brother and his Girlfriend Jess we decided to wake up really early in the morning (hangovers and all) and head out to Buena Park for some breakfast at Denny's for their pumpkin Pie pancakes (so tasty) and a quick couple hours at Knott's Berry Farm since we are all passport holders and want to use it as much as possible before they expire on the first of the year.

 Parker got the sugar cookie holiday xmas shake
 Ava was having fun playing with her snap on bracelets that she is COMPLETELY addicted too.
 It was a pretty windy day with a cool breeze...we all had a hair of the dog drink inside..made us all feel MUCH BETTER
 We didn't really go on much rides. Everyone went on Windseeker while I stayed below with the kids , Then we went on the log ride (man I wish I had the picture of Ava's face on it) She had this look of complete terror going down but when we went down she was laughing and she enjoyed it..or maybe she did it cause she was glad it was over.
On our way out I made my brother,Gabe and the kids put their faces in the Pink's Hot Dog thingy...hahahaha what a crack up. I love these days when you have no plan and just get up and go and make the most of your day. It was a LOT of fun!

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Thelma said...

That picture of Pinks Hotdogs cracks me up!