Friday, December 30, 2011

The Presents are Unwrapped

I didn't really take any pictures on Christmas because I was busy cooking in the kitchen. This year we did a brunch rather than a dinner so the family could all get together earlier so the kids would not have to wait so long to open presents.
I made my very first Scones and devonshire cream and Lemon curd just like they do at the tea rooms and they came out SO good. I cannot make them again.

 I tried to get some pictures on my phone briefly of the kids opening presents..Logan was tearing right through his gifts he was having a BLAST opening presents..
 Ava opened up one and then wanted to have that box open so she could play with it and then she didn't want to open any more presents..she finally opened the last of her presents after everyone was done.
 It was nice to have the twins there and watching their excitement
 My brother had Lexi sit on his lap to help open gifts
 I think after everyone opened their gifts the kids had more fun Swimming in the wrapping paper then the gifts.
Ava made out with some good gifts she got clothes, Barbie swim pool, Squinkies, a Mobigo and video games to go with it, a big stuffed animal dragon (which she adores), a singing mickey mouse toy, a porcelain tea set, a box of dinosaurs (her fave) , 4 play sets of mini houses with little mini people,  Yo Gabba Gabba Books
Parker made out with Video Games, Football, New Bike, Clothes, A few Huge Lego Playsets, and some other stuff..I can't really remember now...

I myself got a NEW RECORD PLAYER WOO HOO, Jewelry, A cd Boombox, a NEW flat Screen HD TV, Gift Certs and Cash..not too shabby

Oh and really there are kids under there...the proof is in the video below..

The rest of the evening My brother and His Girlfriend Stayed the night cause we all been drinki9ng all throughout the day..we watched Bridesmaids with my parents and after they left My brother and I and Gabe and Jessica drank some poor and played board games and watched a movie..I think I finally had to go to sleep at 1:30 - 2am in the morning...I spent my Monday relaxing at home and enjoying my day off!

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Thelma said...

NICE! the kids looked like they had a blast!