Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Get Away --New Years Eve...part 1 of 2

This New Years Gabe actually did not have to work on a New Years Eve. Since I had a long weekend and Gabe had the whole weekend off we took up our friends offer to stay at their cabin with them for the weekend.
We met up with them and their kids in Riverside at Farmer Boys and had a quick bite. Afterwards we headed to a few vintage and antique shops. This little space was full of sparkling and shimmery girl stuff...it kinda reminded me of my mom's house.
Afterwards we followed up our friend into the twisting and turning roads to the site
This site is a members only Rv camp resort but has lots of cabins.  I guess it is like a timeshare type of resort. It is located in LYTLE CREEK up in the San Bernadino Mountains
On our way in through candy cane lane!
 One of these days...I AM gonna sit in for a game of Bingo!
 We got checked in and walked into the Bungalow style cabin. Guillermo and Mary and the kids slept in the main bedroom, My kids slept in the bunk beds and Gabe and I took the Futon in the living room. It was just the right amount of space.
Parker getting settled in on the top Bunk.
 Once we unpacked  we immediately started making the cocktails. Mary's folks stayed in their tear drop trailer on the same site as the cabin. This little tear drop camper was so awesome. It is just basically a bed but the back opens up into a full functioning kitchen! There is a music player on the inside where you can play your music and the speakers come out of the kitchen area...I WANT ONE OF THESE!
After awhile we went to head to the little general store (cocktails in hand) to  just check what they got there and pick up some worms for fishing.
Parker and Ava waiting on the stone bench in front of the general store
 Inside while the adults drank and chatted and snacked..the kids played board games and watched Pixar movies on the TV that Guillermo and Mary brought.
The family center was located right next door to the cabin we stayed in. It was basically an arcade. Gabe and Guillermo playing some air hockey
Now it was the Mom's turns
Kinda hard to play Air Hockey when you got a pretty good buzz going on..I was laughing the whole time
Besides Games they had movies playing inside as well...the kids were with us here in the arcade..We stayed for a while playing games with the kids getting them worn out
I lost... After we were done with the Arcade...we left the little ones with Mary's folks and us adults filled up our cups and took a walk over to the Adult Pool where the hot tubs were at for some good ol fashion Hot Tubbing. We brought Parker with us since we knew he would not want to be left with the little kids in the cabin. I didn't take my camera cause in my non sober state and being near water I figured taking the camera would NOT be a good idea.
We hung out at the hot tubs drinking then went into the Pool and watched over at the next door lodge where the New Years Eve party was going on. ( we never ended up making it to the party)
We got back to the cabin with an hour left to spare until ringing in the New Year and put on our warm clothes and Mary's dad passed around Party Horns,and hats and streamers.
The kids were having a blast blowing on the horns...It was really hard for us adults but we basically had to FORCE ourselves NOT to fall asleep before midnight. Once Midnight came everyone went outside and Hooted and Hollered HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Afterwards we played some Logo board Game and Everyone crashed out HARD!

It was really just a super relaxing and fun way to ring in the New Year.

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Thelma said...

How fun! Yeah I had a hard time staying awake until midnight too!! LOL!my ass is old.