Friday, January 13, 2012

Tiki Oasis --Sunday - I bid you lets SHOP!

Sunday morning we were in a rush to get home because it was Ava's Birthday and we were throwing her a little cake and ice cream get together with my parents and brother and his girlfriend so we got up and packed but thought to ourselves we didn't really take a look at what the vendors were selling cause we of course were too busy partying so we went and walked around a little first before we left.

They set up pretty early in the morning outside.
Step right up and get your custom Fez right here!
Nice carvings for your garden
Still people hanging by the pool..tiki Oasis actually had a full day Sunday but we had to leave it is usually a thur-mon event.
I had to check out of our hotel room..Gabe waited while I did that at the front desk
We went inside the shopping area as well
I really like the old fashion bathing suits they had for sale ..I think this swim suit Gabe has on suits him quite good.
So much stuff to look at
This water fall kinda reminds me of the place I got married at..don't mind the non make up and messy hair..hey it was a crazy weekend..
A nice man told Gabe to get in the picture as well..
Statues around the hotel you will find
The room that face the pool and stage

Here are some fun items below I saw at the booths
Instead of sugar Skulls here are Sugar Tiki's
Love the travel bag!!
I need to get more plants for around the house
Funny tiki plush backpack..I was so tempted to get this for Ava but it would probably give her the creeps
A lot of people that had rooms facing the pool and stage all decorated their balcony's
Tiki Mugs!!
Tiki Shirts
which way should I go...
This was fun for the kids .. they had these birds and tiki's and they talked to the kids and made was like the enchanted tiki room..the kids were busting up laughing!
more tiki's
Ok time to was of course a super sunny day!
Gabe told me get in the picture....blahh...I really needed my sunglasses!
So that ends our Tiki Oasis trip...there was so much other fun things of the weekend but it is just Something you will have to experience for yourselves.
Tiki Oasis is probably the most fun of all vacations I have had. I vow to never miss another one and I hope it last. This year will be the 12th year of tiki Oasis and the theme is a SPY theme.
Here is the link to be kept updated once tickets go on sale. This is an event not to miss and just like us once you go your gonna wonder why you have never been sooner!


Thelma said...

wow i love the bathing suits...the coconut potted plant thingys very cool.

John and Kirsten said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful week-end!

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