Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiki Oasis ~South of The Boarder ~ Thursday

Well I am Finally posting up my big vacay pictures from Tiki Oasis 11 in San Diego. I have been lagging cause I got in this bummed out mode because I took SO many great pictures but accidentally deleted them all  Saturday evening. So All my Thursday and Friday and early Saturday shots...alll gone . I did it again sat night but I was able to take my photos to a camera shop and recover my Sat night shots..to the tune of 43.00 OUCH. Anyways I had some photos on my cell and stole some of my Friends photos to tell the story of my First Tiki Oasis of many more to come.

For those wondering what Tiki Oasis is..It is a annual event held every year in San Diego at the Crowne Plaza ( a Polynesian themed hotel) It is the Largest WEST Coast Festival of tiki and Exoctica...but even then so much more. It is a 4 day weekend full of vendors, music, dancing,  pool lounging, entertainment, art, symposiums and PARTIES. People from all over the US come to this event. I know cause I met people from EVERYWHERE. Everyone is so friendly and it is such a great VIBE ..I made a lot of new friends and I can kick myself for not making it to every single one of these...I will never miss one again! The only reason to why I missed the past few years is cause I had a baby and every year it falls on her bday.
Gabe and I say it is probably the greatest event we have ever been to EVER..it is like a Scooter Rally,Halloween ( except trick o treat for drinks) ,  Las Vegas on steriods..the is the party that never sleeps!
Gabe and I left early Thursday morning to head to beautiful San Diego. We checked into our hotel (which is closed for only this event) and every year it is a new theme..the theme for this one was South of the Boarder. ( I am looking forward to this years theme...SPY THEME!!)
The welcoming wagon in the Lobby. We got a really cool bag full of fun stuff too upon on arrival.
 Gabe and I got our wristbands and unpacked and made our first tiki drink OF MANY that weekend.

We walked down the pool area really quick to meet up with our friends from Portland Dana and Drew while we waited for our friends Josh and Vickie to arrive who was sharing a room with us.
 This tiki head is where they served drinks ..at night it had big glowing eyes and smoke coming out of its mouth.
 It was so gorgeous all weekend..perfect weather
 We hung out and mingled with a bunch of our friends that were there already soaking in the sun by the pool while dj's played lounge music.
 Tiki clothes with Sombreros..I bet this year it will be tiki drinks in Martini glasses and tuxes
 We needed to get our wristbands for the meet and greet at the Bali Hai Restaurant ( which is STUNNING) Just click the link and see for yourself..so a bunch of us walked to the Lobby where they were selling the wristbands for the Tijuana Taxi ( a shuttle that took us from the hotel to the restaurant for the event)
 Two Asses..hahahaha kidding Michael!!
 After we got our wristbands we went back to our room to get dressed for Dinner and the evening's events. Inside the elevators were all kinds of flyers with room numbers on them of all the room parties. ( THE ROOM PARTIES..I will explain Later) This was the funniest flyer I seen in the elevator
 We finally got to the restaurant..we all got LEI'D as soon as we stepped out and registered in at the restaurant. This is the Bali Hai guy..This picture tells a Great story just by looking at Vickies expression to Josh's antics. I had a GREAT photo of all the guys next to the Bali Hai but it was Deleted!!!
 Loryn and Dana..I was sitting next to Loryn..we all had ordered before we went in Mai Tais that had NO MIXER..it was a KILLER very very strong...it took me the whole night to drink it!
 There is the infamous Mai Tai's they make with no mixer.. We all ordered food..I got a fabulous Filet Mignon..it was Divine!
 Vickie and Gabe both got a cocktail that came with the Bali Hai mug to keep.
After dinner and watching the bands perform and mingling with more friends we got in line to take the shuttle back and we all wanted to go hang out in the hot tub but by the time we got back it was LATE so the hot tub was closed. Vickie and I were so tired that we stayed in the room and relaxed and went to bed fairly early.
 Gabe and Josh and Drew and the rest of the gang partied it up at some of the room parties that were happening.
I guess this was one of the LAST photos of the evening...hahahaha Look like they were up to some drunken Shenanigans! AS USUAL ........

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wow tiki oasis looked like so much fun! The whole ambiance about it was perfect!