Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tiki Oasis~ Friday- Debauchery at it's finest

Friday morning we woke up and immediately early in the morning the phones were ringing off the hook! There was a room party next door It was a Mimosa and Champagne party where As I was getting ready Gabe mingled on over there and started drinking some more. I tell yeah Room parties all day long.
We went down to the lobby to meet our friends for breakfast. We decided to go to this old waffle house  called The Waffle Spot and have breakfast. ( I had a ton of great photos from this day but like I said before I deleted them on accident)

 This was a costume that someone could actually put on.
 Even had some shirts for sale...The had this photos of a bunch a Bangers with faces and called it the Banger family..we were cracking jokes about it and I had a GREAT Banger family photo with bummed it got deleted.
After breakfast we went to our rooms and filled up our tiki mugs and headed off to the Pool for some fun in the sun. Here is Drew ( our friend from Portland) Wearing Butterscotch...that is his terry cloth wrap..It's named Butterscotch LOL
 Off into the sun
 Erik Musak spinning some lounge by the pool
 It was a perfect day and cocktails were full all day
 There was a TON of people in the pool, sun bathing to exotic sounds.
 I like Josh's Magnum P.I. Tiki Mug hahahaha
 After awhile we went inside to check out the booths. Look at all these colorful dresses!! There was lots of good items for sale.

 So many guys in Cabana Wear                               
We then went to wander off to some of the room Parties...These were the free drinks that they were giving in our first room party... Ok I am gonna NOW explain the ROOM PARTIES
At Tiki Oasis they have an infamous ROOM CRAWL. The Host Hotel Books rooms only for those attending Tiki Oasis event. It is pricey but WORTH it to stay here but it sells out FAST! A lot of people on a Budget will stay at the Motel 6 right across the way or another nearby hotel.
Throughout the event certain people or sponsers will host these Room Parties and to advertise their party they post up flyers in the elevators with the room number and the time of the party and give their rooms cool names and let you know what bands they have playing in their rooms and decorate it. Every Hosted Room Party offers a plethera of free cocktails ( ofcourse we tip though and everyone should tip at least a buck a drink). You can go room crawling and go to one room have a drink watch the band then walk over to the next room have a drink then the next and next...It is like Trick o Treating for DRINKS! Sat night is the BEST room Crawl night!
 This room party was pretty festive. They had snack out, music, ring toss game. We hung out there and went back to mingle around some more by the pool as the Main stage was having performances.
 Soon as nightfall came it was off to the room crawls..
 and more drinks
 Out side to check out the bands
 These guys were everywhere
 The elevators were SO FULL!!
 Inside the elevator they had a bar set up INSIDE where they were giving everyone who took a ride on the elevator free SHOTS
 WOO HOO...We were having a blast in the elevator drinking! I think the people from the Purple Orchid Tiki Bar in El Segundo were making these free shots for everyone. They were like Tequila shots with Some sort of citrus and pepper..Too Spicy for me.
 They even had bands in the garden area
We saw my cousin and rick and their whole crew at one of the room parties so we took the elevator to their room
The Fellas and Dana! ..I was thinking this may be Sat night but it was for sure friday night...some of these pictures may be mixed up..I am trying to recollect my memories from this insane weekend.

 After watching A ton of bands we ended up in THEE SWANK BASTARDS room where they performed with their Stripper hula hooper. She is pretty good.
 Of course all the guys were wide eyed
I really like the swank Bastards
A little of the Swank Bastards Performace. I believe they play just about every year at Tiki O.
Gabe and I didn't go out to dinner with everyone else earlier in the evening so we were really hungry and went to get sushi at the sushi place inside the was delicious.
It was really late at night but as you can hear on this video it did not slow the room parties down
Hear how loud it is..this is from ALL the room parties and Bands playing inside them and Dj's. It is even louder when you mix the music from the Main Stage going in the Pool courtyard area but this is like at 1am. The main stage showes usually end at 10.


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