Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Night at The Grove..

Last Friday I went to see a friend of Mine band open up for the B52's. It was nice cause the event was a dinner and show. The dinner was not complimentary..I mean you had to pay and all but it was so great to see his band finally play. We had a table which I sat with other friends and family of the band. We ordered a bottle of champagne and finsihed it by the time their set was done.

 They are called Suedehead and sound alot like Elvis Costello, The Jam..very mod power pop.
 They were so fantastic..they have some upcoming gigs such as Ink and Iron Festival, Coachella and going on tour with Floggy Molly.
 They just completed a tour with Social D in November.
 Chris...My friend is the Bass player name Mike..I met him when we worked on a stage Musical of Quadrophenia called..well QUAD. We hung with him after the their band played by the merchandise table where a few new Fans bought some of their LP's and waited for autographs.
 The B52's...I have seen these guys play over and over again
 I still enjoy them every time too
 Suedehead signing autographs
I told my friend ...just don't forget us peons when your big and Famous!

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