Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a regular weekend...

This weekend was just an average weekend with nothing really major planned.

 Ava hung out and just played with her MobiGo all night long and Parker played with my brother Xbox 360
 My brother and his girlfriend stayed the night Friday and so we all made some drinks ( whipped cream vodka with OJ) and played drunken Jenga and then afterwards some Cranium..so it was another Board game night for us.
 This game some of the tiles tells  you to take a shot
 We didn't want to go that crazy so we just took drinks out of our cocktails
 So nerve racking
 I knocked down the tower so that meant Jessica who went before me won.
The next morning we got up and Gabe went to take Parker to little league try outs ( which got rained  out) Jessica and I went to do some shopping. I was taking her and my brother to their first "MOD" club with me. So I bought some hair dye and died Jess Hair black, did her make up and dressed her in my clothes
. The Bullet is more I would say the hipster groovy ghoulie type crowd then a HARD MOD crowd but nonetheless still fun. I HATED the location though. It was at the American Legion Hall...would have been much better in a smaller niteclub/bar atmosphere. The hall was just TOO BIG and Dingy and made the whole event seem really small like not that many people were there.
 Gabe and I...I was so tired
 Jessica and Michael Burns.
My brother and Jess and I...It was a fun night of dancing, watching bands, hanging out. Jessica and I had a mission to ask every person to do their best Sean Connery voice...we weren't very successful..NEXT TIME!

Sunday we all just lounged around the house and watched the football game. I was not feeling very well and still do not feel well. I have a case of strep throat again i Think!!

Jess and Alex I think liked this event and I have a feeling they will be coming to more mod-ish events with me.

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Thelma said...

I love Jessica's mod look so much! She looks cool! Alex looks great too all cleaned up!