Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Weekend Getaway- New Years Day Part 2 of 2

New Year's Morning we were up BRIGHT and EARLY!! We were all a little slow paced but luckily we were all not hung over.
I cooked breakfast for everyone  (well Gabe and I did)..He did the bacon and I did the potatoes and eggs.

 Ava and Alex were watching Pixar ..they were so cute being little buddies. Alex is a Year younger than Ava but they are both the same size. He is a pretty big boy ..Ava is tiny.
 After breakfast and getting dressed we decided to go walk around and take in the fresh mountain air. Right behind us was a little creek but it was Surrounded by Poison Oak.
 Once we walked pass the poison Oak we went down a little further to the creek
 Parker was hanging with these kids who were running back and fourth crossing the creek with the pile of rocks and then putting this little log down to walk over
 Guillermo and Mary came by and we thought we would just cruise around..well they cruised ...we walked.
 We passed one of the couple lakes
 We stopped down over at the playground to let the kids play
 Ava was having a blast
 Parker's Favorite way to go down a slide..head first
 She went down every slide and played on every thing
 She was really going at it rocking this wooden airplane back and fourth.
 On our way back to the cabin we passed one of MANY comfort stations..Guillermo was cracking me up..He was all Comfort Station?? What do they have a little Grandma in there on her rocking chair giving free hugs and rubbing your back telling you everything will be ok and then handing you a cup of hot milk. hahahaha it was like the joke of the weekend everytime we walked by one.
 Once we got back to the cabin our plans were to head home cause I didn't have a pet sitter for the extra day and Guillermo was saying isn't there anyone you can call so you guys can stay again tonight. I had no cell service to make any calls however Mary's parents did and lend me their phone and Luckily I was able to check in and my dad and brother were still at my house and My brother said he would stay an extra night at my house with his girlfriend and pet sit for me So once we knew we were going to stay another night The mimosa's started flowing and then we headed off to the pool for some relaxation. Mary and I went to the Hot tubs again while Gabe and the kids were at the family. I then switched off and watched the kids while Gabe sat in the hot tub to mend his torn muscles in his leg that he injured 10 minutes after arriving to the campground the very first day...he was walking like Frankenstein all weekend.
 Back from the pool I showered up. The kids got in their warm clothes and the cabin smelled Great. Guillermo was roasting a few chickens and was making a big dinner for everyone. The cabin smelled like Thanksgiving.
 We stayed in and watched movies and had a big dinner and some red wine...it was a nice way to spend the evening. All the kids were just playing with toys. Ava LOVED this toy...We were cracking up at her face print..she would bust up laughing every time she stick her face in there...you could see the mouth moving of her laughing through the prong thingy's..too funny.
 and she LOVED LOVED Mr. Potato Head....thinking I may have to buy her one of these sets with her Christmas money she got.
 Gabe and I and the Kids And Guillermo and Guillermo JR all took a night hike. We did a pretty long walk and by the time we got to the cabin we were all ready for bed and so we watched some finding Nemo and off to bed we went.
We got up SUPER early in the morning and headed out. We all talked about heading out here to the cabin more often if not VERY often. We hope to come out after a big rain then maybe we could hit up the snow.
Bye Bye Lake ( in Ava's Words)

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Thelma said...

looks like such a great time up there! What a nice way to bring in the New Year!