Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So a couple months ago a WINCO Foods opened up in our neighborhood. First of all I never heard of WINCO and there was so much HOOPLA about it ever since a construction sign WINCO FOODS COMING SOON was advertised up.
The week before it opened we got a mailer of GRAND OPENING and we were BLOWN away by the prices..I mean 20.cents for Kraft Mac and Cheese, 75. cents for lunch meat ...and the prices STILL are really cheap. We wanted to go on opening day but the parking lots was completely filled, and there was a lines around the building just to get in. It was like Walmart on Black Friday so we got the hell outta there but Gabe went at like 7am the next morning and got a BUNCH of stuff.

So here is how I describe Winco..It is like Costco but with Cheaper prices for BULK food...cheaper than walmart...meets Sprouts or Whole Foods for the barrels of Bulk grains,pastas,nuts etc etc etc. The produce section is like a Farmers Market. I bought a HUGE bag of baby carrots for less then 2 bucks! A 10 lb bag of potatoes for 2.50. Cake mixes Brownie mixes 78. cents. Huge box of Cheese Nips for less than 2 bucks (Ralphs they are like almost 4 bucks a box) Big boxes of Life and Chex cereal for 2.58...I could go on and on...prices are amazing!!!
 Since I am kicking my New Year on better eating habits I bought a Lot from the BULK and Natural Foods section. I bought a lot of stuff to make my own soups to take to work such as Split Pea, 13 Bean, Tortellini's, Cous Cous, Powdered Stock for Beef and Barley soup. I also did buy some Chow  Mein Noodles to make Chow Mien Candy for the kids.
They have EVERYTHING you could imagine to purchase in bulk from trail mixes, candy,nuts,chips and crackers, dried fruits,pasta, beans, rice, seeds poppy,sunflower, sesame..., soup mixes, muffin and bread mixes, dog food and treats, rodent food, cat food, bird seed, flour,sugar, gum powder, coco powder, baking ingredients, special powders for protein shakes...I could go on and on....They have little recipe cards too on each item that you can take too.
 Like Coffee?? They have a HUGE selection of fresh coffee Beans you can ground
 Make yourself a container of fresh pressed peanut or Almond butter....
 Fan of Honey are some fresh honey's  to choose from...
Looking for a spice ...just need a little for that special recipe...they have everything from cumin to cream of Tartar ...ALL FOR CHEAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

Anyways I must have bought Like over 200.00 worth of groceries last night for a mere 90.00!!!  well 102.00 including taxes..

All I can say is THANK YOU WINCO for opening up in my neighborhood...I will never shop anywhere else!!!


Thelma said...

man oh man i need to go there! is there a membership fee?

Iris said...

Nope no memberships

John and Kirsten said...

Where did they put it?

Iris said...

They put it on South and Paramount street I think it is..Across the street from the American Vets Thrift Store near the Lakewood Hospital where that walgreens is.