Friday, January 6, 2012

Date night with Our City!

Sometimes a girl , a mother, a wife has got to make time for herself...AND even more important with really great girlfriends.

My GNO have been far and between these days and for 2012 it is time for a change!
A couple girlfriends and I are gonna get all decked out and go out and paint the town red In Downtown Long Beach. We are going to pop in at all the cool little lounges and resturants and have a couple cocktails here and there. Maybe we will even get to see a live band or do a little dancing.

We don't really have any plan...we will be like the leaves and see where the wind takes us!


John and Kirsten said...

How fun...we did a girls brunch yesterday which turned into a lunch which turned into pretty much most of the day!

Thelma said...

I had so much fun!! We danced so much!