Monday, January 9, 2012

The weekend Diary

Well My weekend was eventful to say the least. It started out with this cocktail pictured above with my gals Thelma and Toni. We hung out on Pine Ave in Downtown Long Beach . We started the night off at Sevilla and each ordered a Mojito with a aged was very tasty but for 12 dollars a pop and us ALL being on a budget we moved on to the pub Shannon's down the street.
Shannon's smelled like someone Puked all over the smelled so unbelievably bad in there but we sat in the back and eventually the smell went away. We played some shuffleboard with some guy we met there and then since we all had a pretty good buzz going on decided to do karaoke...wherever we could find it...we found ourselves inside a club though dancing the night away. It was not My type of scene.. this was very Jersey Shore Type with a bunch of fist pumping however I made the most of it and actually really did have a FUN time. What A work out.

Sat I woke up with a MASSIVE Headache from Hell but I was suppose to meet some friends for tea. I usually really love my tea times but there was a speaker there ..not too sure how to describe it but as like some sort of Pyramid Scheme and believe me I seen them ALL. For some people I am sure they need some sort of mentor or guidance to follow and this sort of thing would be perfect for on the other hand..I can figure things out for myself by trial and error and have friends that support me and don't feel the need for something like this. It meant a lot to my friend though and it is something that she strongly believes in so I was there to show my support but it was really..let's say... NOT MY cup of tea.
I love ELISE'S TEA House and Plan on more teas to come but minus the life coaches and more of the friends catching up enjoying getting caught up.

Saturday night I made a wonderful 13 bean and barley soup and Gabe and I got cozy and watched some Soprano's from his box set I got him for Christmas and had some wine and dinner and just had a nice time alone.

Sunday I slept in and was woken up by Belgian waffles made fresh by my hubby. We ran some errands cause I want to start getting ready to re decorate Ava's room. After awhile my brother and his girlfriend came over and we had some cocktails and played board games all evening until about 11pm.

Anyways I would have blogged these days with photos but I recently JUST went to pick up my photos for my vacation in San Diego back in August at Tiki Oasis so for the next WEEK I will be blogging about Tiki Oasis. There is a TON of pictures. However the first days I will have to steal my friends photos cause I accidently deleted them all on Saturday at Tiki O which realllly sucks cause I had some wonderful shots. WAHH..anyway Stay tuned to some comedy and fun in my upcoming entries!!

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Thelma said...

It was fun on friday. yeah saturday morning was bunk to say the least plus i didn't realize how long we were there. her intentions were good but not for me either.