Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 21st Jess!!

Last Wednesday was my brothers girlfriend Jessica's 21st birthday. For her birthday she had dinner reservations for Tokyo Hibachi. Tokyo Hibachi has been around for many years and I always wanted to go and finally was my chance to go.

 It is so fun watching all the knife trickery that these guys do to prepare your food. He threw the raw egg in the air and sliced it open with his knife..really cool.
 Making the friend rice
 He shaped it into a heart for Jess and put the knife under it to make it look like a beating heart then pulverized it and said Now Heart Attack
 We wanted to see the trick they do with the onion rings when they catch them on fire but they were out of booze to flame it up so he stacked them and put soy sauce in the middle and the soy sauce started spurting up from the onion rings to still give that volcano look.
 he than was flinging shrimp in the air for everyone to catch a piece in their mouth..Jess and Alex were the only ones that caught the shrimp in their mouths..I didn't try it.
 They brought out a Budda with a Candle and sung Happy Birthday
 Too bad she didn't get to keep the budda. We had such a great meal filled with tons of sparkling Saki..The dinner was pretty pricey at the end but Jess Step father paid for hers, my brother;s and My meals which was very generous!
 A group photo..afterwards I took Jess in the convertible down to the biggest Dive bar I know ( The Hawaiian Room) for drinks and Karaoke!
My brother and Jess best friend Brittany and myself all had a great time singing karaoke and drinking. Here is a photo of Jess with her first cocktail in a bar!! All night long the bartender gave her shots..she even got a spanking from the bartender and so did myself and Alex. It was a rough long day at work the next day for me but it was a GREAT time!!
Happy 21st Jess!!

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Thelma said...

ha I was just telling my mom as we drove by there how i have never been to Tokyo Hibachi for as long as it has been there! looks cool! Glad you guys had a good time!