Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tiki Oasis ~ The Looong Fun Filled Saturday..Lots of photos

  Saturday morning Gabe and I woke up early and decided we wanted to hit up the Hot Tub.Vicki joined us as well. We started first though by stopping at the Champagne and Mimosa room party that began at 8am next door and had some champagne cocktails. We then moseyed on down to the Hot Tub where our friend Drew was already lounging in. I had a nice time sipping my mimosa in the hot tub for a while. We were chatting with friends, listening to the lounge music being played down by the pool where it was filled with already TONS of people soaking in the sun and people shopping in the bazaar and lots of laughing and splashing in the pool..adults and children..( they have a ton of really fun activities for kids for this event and little hula classes and fun games for them)
After the Hot tub Vicki headed on back to the room and Gabe and I decided to lounge by the pool ALL DAY and that is just what we did!. He made a big pitcher of Bloody Mary's  and we were lucky enough to find two loungers and planted ourselves there. I had a cocktail in my hand all times! The water in the pool was perfect!
 Layed out in the sun and listen to the bands and Dj. I really enjoyed is a video of them I was lying poolside!
This moment..this moment right here I was in pure paradise, Cools Sounds, Nice buzz, relaxed, sun felt good, perfect weather, good convo and Just ordered my lunch poolside! So buzzed I didn't even care I was wearing a bathing suit in public anymore.
I don't know what this picture is about..I guess people by the pool..after awhile we went back in the hot tub and then off to the room to shower up and get dressed for the afternoon/evenings events
Some of our friends paid the extra fees to go to some of the symposiums. One was this CSI Rum Tasting event. I stole this picture from Drew ..I think he and Dana or just Dana went to it. This year we are getting the full wristband to do the symposiums too I believe..200 bucks per person I believe but you can pick and choose and buy tickets for just certain symposiums...I will have to wait and see when they come out with the schedule..which should be in a few months.
They had a mustache contest and a circle skirt contest...some of the mustache contest contenders.
A group of our friends went out to dinner but we hung back cause I did not want to miss Jack Costanzo. He is a legend and it was so great to see him perform. We sat in the pool area at some tables and chairs with Loryn,Drew and Dana and watched the show for a little bit.
We moved closer for a better look...
The hostess Kitten on the Keys. She brought out the burlesque dancers..
Tana the tattooed lady...Her performance was Fun ..she did this cowboy funny routine then did one of the song TEQUILA where she acted like she was getting can view the Video here
This was Mimi Le Meaux...I loved hers the best..she did a routine to The Enchanted Tiki Room Song..You can watch her performance below
There was a few others ..they were OK..
Once the burlesque dancers were done it was time for HERB to come on.
More acts before the band
and more..and then HERB is a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Cover band and they were fantastic!!!!!!!!! below are some videos and photos of the band..
They was a big Conga line going throughout the whole place and just loads of dancing. Such and Awesome show.
After the show the folks who put on tiki oasis wanted to thank everyone and mention a few names for special thanks
After HERB the show was over at the Main Stage so we rounded up with our peeps
Drew took this picture of us..
And we found Glen and Vanessa..
My favorite people from Portland!
The night ended with a pinata..well at least the night where the STAGE show was.
So it was off to the room parties again!! yep...everywhere in the hotel is just a big party.
WOO HOO!! Like my polka dot bra LOL.
Off to the room parties we all went.. This room was CASINO soon as you walk into every room there is usually a beverage at the bar awaiting for you..
and Shots! Cheers
and Bands performing...The Hula Girls were performing in this  room which was hosted by the FORBIDDEN ISLAND which is a tiki bar I believe up north. Check out photos and video below...They were great!
It was SO PACKED in this room
Great entertainment..people had beach balls bouncing all around the room that people were hitting back and fourth.
They even had a black jack table..
Getting more drinks out for people
This was a pretty tasty shot...I was double fisting cocktail with shots all night
It was so hot it was time to move along to some more room parties and catch up with friends outside in the cool air.

We headed over to My cousin and Ricks room where it had a view of the pool
They had the fire eating mermaid out so we had a drink and watched the show from their balcony
see it here
Gabe and I wandered a bit and found some more friends

and drinks...
We went out and hung out with this guy for awhile out in the parking lot where the old cars were and he was making cocktails for everyone as across the way there was another room AKA TENT party in the parking lot.
Then there was a 60's  dance  party going on with go go booths and all!! That is where I found these ladies.
Lots of dancing and groovy  music
Outside the dance party  I hung around these blokes for a bit.
Drew Leaving some comments...I left a comment...I said Next year they should put go go booth IN THE POOL!!! How cool would THAT be.
On our way to the Ladies room
Back to the room parties after the dance club and the tent parties there were bands playing in the garden area
Room Decor
Then we headed over to Tiki Hell.....Where they played NON STOP 80's music
Disco Ball Blow
The drinks they serve in Hell are the strongest of all the drinks I saw being poured BEWARE!!
Greg...being THE DEVIL!!!
We ended our night at our new friend and hotel room neighbor who was so kindly hosting the morning Mimosa hours. After our last drink there ( I was milking my last drink for almost 2 hours..I was pacing myself) We finally got back to the room and chatted with our roomies about the night and went to bed...Only to be rudely and I mean RUDELY awakened at like 3 am by the hotel Fire Alarm going off..It was piercing like the ship was going down. You just see everyone walking out of their hotel rooms like WTH?? There was still people out partying and room crawling ..called the front desk and they were like false alarm they are resetting the alarms..FINALLY they went off and we finally got to go to bed.

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what an awesome day! I liked your outfit with blue tights! Talk about a rude awakening with that alarm! sheesh.