Monday, November 28, 2011

A Vintage Tea experience

It has been Loooong overdue since I met up for tea with any of the girls. It is hard to get everyone together this time of year with all the holidays. My dear friend Felicia and I made sure to meet up for some tea time. She makes awesome custom made one of a kind jewelery with stones and for my birthday she is making me a custom ring with a tear drop shaped Rose Quartz in black wire that I picked out. ( I cannot wait to see it)
We usually have been going to Elise's Tea Room but we thought we would try The Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach.
This place is a lot higher in price than Elise's but you really pay for an experience here.

 When you come in you enter through their gorgeous gift shop filled with very dainty items. On the back wall there is a HUGE shelf FULL of vintage tea cups. First part of your tea room experience is choosing a tea cup. This is a picture of ONE side
 and here is the other side.
 Next there is a closet FULL of hats to choose (if you would like)
 More hats!!
 We got seated by the window and the chairs are Huge Cushy Victorian ear vintage chairs. I had to stuff some pillows under was kinda lop sided LOL. Felicia ordered a Apple Spice Jazz tea..I believe it is a blend of apple spice and Jasmine.
 This is my cup I picked out..I choose this one cause it reminded me of the tea cup ride at Disneyland
 I choose a tea called Berries in Snow. It was fresh brewed berries in a White tea. It was so insanely tasty. I loved every drop of it!
 Mixing my lumps of sugar. There was soo much to look at inside this place. They have some really cool events coming up too like a huge tea brunch with Santa Claus. The menu is a fun one for the kiddies. I am so tempted to take my little Ava.
 I ordered the soup Luncheon which included a pot of tea, 2 scones (cranberry eggnog and Mandarin) a bowl of Soup ( tomato artichoke Bisque) and 2 tea sandwiches ( California avocado and black bean and artichoke and cream cheese on a croissant). Felicia had the social tea with scones. The scones were delicious just as the devonshire cream and lemon curd. My soup was AMAZING (must get recipe) I was sooo full after eating it though..I went into a total food coma!

 cute window display. We spent about 3 hours there just relaxing and chatting. It was a very nice time.
Terry..the man at the counter took this photo of us before we left. After my departure I went and did some thrift store shopping and later that night Gabe and I went to the Saturday night event at Di Piazza's for the CnP scooter rally which i just discovered I took 0 pictures of!!!! It was a busy day..thankfully I had all that tea to keep me going on the rest of the day.


Thelma said...

Oh we must all go back very soon. It looks fabulous!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Hey, you should have told me!!! I would have come with.