Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go NUTZ with DoNUTZ!

I come to realize that on the weekends no matter how much I try I just cannot sleep in..Sleeping in is waking up at like 7:30am on the weekends.

 This past Saturday Ava was up and at it early as well and Gabe and Parker were sawing logs still. I decided that since Ava and I were up so early I would take her to the doughnut shop to let her pick out a doughnut. We don't do donuts very often and She has never been to a donut house before so off we went.  My mom is an early riser as well and I called her and she went with us. I had a coupon for Winchell's buy 6 get 6 free.
 Ava was in pure heaven. She automatically knew that she wanted the doughnut with sprinkles.
 She wanted milk too but I had tons of it at home.
 After we picked out our dozen doughnuts and went to pay for them Ava was EXTREMELY excited to take her box of doughnuts home.
 I got some jelly filled,maple bar and chocolate twist and crullers (my fave) and old fashions (I think Gabe loves those ones)
Ok Ava pick yours out. Parker was pretty happy when he saw the doughnuts as well. They were delicious. They were warm and fresh. There was SO MUCH to choose from breads,pastries,muffins,cookies, brownies cakes etc...
I can't wait to go back LOL.

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