Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Day Friday

I love that my job gives me the Friday after Thanksgiving off. As much as I just wanted to lay around and do nothing I knew I had to get out and do SOMETHING. Parker was really intrigued about thee whole Black Friday thing so since Gabe was using my car to go to work on Friday I got the kids ready and on the bikes we rode to the Mall.

 Ava was excited about going bye bye on the bike. I LOVE my Wee RIDE chair. She sits right in front of me and the handle bars. She loves to sing when I ride the bike and say hello to EVERYONE and Good BYE to everything we pass by..I kept her little hand waving and hearing Bye Bye Red Truck, Bye Bye Kitty, Bye Bye Trees, Bye Bye house etc... It's pretty funny actually.
 After going to a few stores and doing a little xmas shopping Parker really wanted to go upstairs to the kid zone play area and I was really craving a cheese on a stick besides it was lunch time anyway. I got the kids a hot dog on a stick and a cheese on a stick and some lemonades..They even gave me a COOL card full of free items to get in 2012  SCORE!!!
 Ava was dancing in excitement...We don't go to the mall very often.
 It really was not that filled for Black Friday! I guess all the shoppers got in and out the night before or in the wee hours of the morning.
 In the coin op playground I let Ava go on a couple things. Parker wanted her to ride on the back of the motorcycle one...I guess he is practicing for when he takes passengers on his scooter.
 Hold on Ava
Ava of course wanted to do the merry go round..Um Parker ..I think you may be too big for this one...he didn't care.
By the time we left the mall it was dusk so it was a race to get home before dark. ..Poor Parker and his tiny beat up bike was having a hard time keeping up but we made it. Hopefully Santa will bring him one for Christmas.
Friday night was a pretty mellow one for us. Just kinda sat around the house and relaxed and had left overs. I took my mom to do some shopping earlier in the evening and soon called it an early night. Sometimes you just need those.

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Thelma said...

Thats cool you guys rode your bikes there. Poor Parker he hung in there ha? Maybe he needs a new bike for Xmas? lol.