Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A nice evening for Chili

Saturday evening we went to a Chili Cook Off Party. It was a very chilly night ..so of course it was perfect for Chili!
 There were 12 chili's.  I made one too..I over heard so many people talking about HOW good my chili was ..yet I didn't win...it was the spiciest Hottest Chili that won..I think it was fixed :/
 Parker was having a blast trying all the chili's..Ava was enjoying some too
 She also was having a good time eating the veggies and dipping them in ranch sauce.
 People trying out the chili's..I could not believe how horrible some were.
 Oh I swear one of the chili's was a can chili
Chili and Beer..mmm after awhile we went home. I could not stay out late cause it was off to another charity event for me early in the morning.

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