Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick o Treat!!

So on Halloween My brother and his girlfriend went to pick up my brothers Twins and came over to our house so we could take all the kids trick o treating. My parents came over to pass out candy at the house for us and ofcourse to see all the kids.
We adults had to dress up too!

 First stop was the next door neighbor..They were passing out juice packets and  candy
 ooo spooky house...as a matter of fact we saw a lot of spooky houses!
 My brother and Jess walking with the kids up to the door..Parker was a SWAT guy and Ava was a like Gnome woodsy fairy thing and the twins were superman and supergirl
 Jess and Alex both wore Zippers on their faces..
 This one house this lady had her mom in the living room on her hospital bed. she wanted to see all the little trick o treaters..it was very heartfelt..the old lady in the hospital bed was soo happy to see all the little ones..she gave them all teddy bears as well as candy.
 Wow the blow up things they got now days are pretty hard core..check out this carriage..it even had a ghoul that raised from his coffin on the inside
 This house was pretty fun.  love the guy with the Big Wizard Head!
These people had a huge blow up Gargoyle on their roof that would move it's head and stare at you every once in awhile.
This place was so awesome. They had their yard FILLED with monsters and it was set up like a cemetery with skeletons that would pop out from behind..Kinda like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. As we were walking on the sidewalk a bunch of big spiders came dropping down from the tree..it scared Jess!
Trick o treat
This block had a big sign posted that read Haunted house so of course we had to check it out..but first we stopped at this fun little place..
There were all kinds of monsters in the yard..Gabe came across this creepy one from the Exorcist..bless this child..
When we got to the Big Maze haunted house thing that was a lot of fun.the kids enjoyed it. I stopped to pose inside on the way out...BEWARE>>>
It was getting late and everyone was running out of candy so On our way home we managed to find a few houses left with candy

We came across one more maze and then it was home to bed.
As soon as we got home the kids all poured out their candy to check their loot and of course trying to stuff as much candy into their mouths before going to bed...Yeah..We had to take them away but all the walking made them crash and burn.
It was a very Happy Halloween for all of us.

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