Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oc Hearse and Halloween Fest

I am going to go a little out of Sync here cause I have our pumpking carving photos on my other computer so I will post about Sunday's trip to the OC fairgrounds er I mean Marketplace for their annual Hearse show and Halloween Fest.

First thing we did was get in line to pick up the trick o treat map, trick o treat bag and candy at the check in table. The first 500 kids got a special item and lucky for us we were able to get it. The special prize was an envelope with a free child's ticket for the Aquarium of the Pacific, A free ticket for a round of mini golf or go cart ride at Boomers AND a free child's ticket for the Discovery Science Center. What a Fantastic Treat for the kids!! Looks like we got some trips to plan! Once I have free time from all my volunteer work with the rescue group!

 After we trick o treated a little we stopped to see a little of the freak show.

 Sword swallowing..ugh...I could barely watch this without gagging
 checking out the hearses. My mom and Dad met us up there too. I like the get up's they got going.
 This reminds me of the haunted mansion
 Check out these what appears to be handmade dolls...they are pretty cool
 Scawryyyyy doll...
 I love this car..but it was well protected by a big hairy beast of a spider
 By the frozen banana shop..Ava was checking out the ape.
Ava was really having a blast trick o treating..good practice for Halloween night!

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